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How to stop steem wallet spamming in steemit?

There is currently no way to hide or limit the messages you get on your wallet transactions. So the spammers are pretty much free to spam as much as they wish, so the best option is just to enjoy the free money, and try to ignore the spam. I think that 99 % of the transaction memos are a type of scam anyway, and I would not suggest paying for any of their services without doing a lot of research about if first. You definitely risk losing your investment if you buy a service from these spammers. 

There had been a lot of talk about how to stop this, and I think there are two main proposals on how to stop or reduce the amount of wallet spam:

1) Let the users set a threshold to how little one can send. For example, I might set this at $0.1, and now no one could send me any transactions with less than that amount worth of STEEM or SBD. But there are obviously some problems with this as well. 

2) Let users create a "wallet memo blacklist". This blacklist could either be pooled by a group, or made by each individual. The last one will take a lot of effort to maintain, but it will be a nice way to reduce a lot of the spam. 

We obviously haven't gotten either of these solutions yet, but hopefully someone codes it and proposes a pull request for it at one point in the future. 


At the moment there is no such option to stop steem wallet spamming but I think it will be really interesting if the minimum amount to be able to send a memo or message or spam message to someone's steem wallet will be set as 0.1 steem at least then I think no one will complain but again it will be tough for the genuine services where you are being able to send bids to bots and being able to communicate and also so many contest are going on and the organizer are being able to send money to winners. So there is both pros and cons to it but yes there are some scammer and spammers, who are making the things uneasy at times. For the time being just go on ignoring it.

Thank you and Have a great day.


You cannot but think of it as free money. Everytime they send a message to you it is 0.001 from their account to yours. If you do not use bots then they will stop spamming you as much. You could set up steemauto reward collection and you will not have to manually collect your rewards if you do not wish. Steemauto will add them to your wallet automatically. 


Steem wallet spamming can be annoying but there’s no real way to stop it sadly since there’s no way to stop someone from sending you money.

I don’t really care about wallet spam personally though. The spammer is sending me their money so I’m happy for them to throw some text in the transaction memo if they like. I certainly won’t read it but it’s nice of them to send me a small amount of Steem anyway.

There are more annoying things to worry about than wallet spam. Such as @joelarys and his pathetic videos. I’d rather see that guy get his ass handed to him than an end to people sending me tiny amounts of money.

Anyway, flag the douche that is @joeparys!


Right now I don't think there's a way to stop wallet spamming. 

I can only speak for myself but I think wallet spam has decreased after HF20! 

I used to get three or four messages on a daily bases before HF20, now it's down to one.

That doesn't bother me because I've learned my lesson, I know not to pay attention to these messages and that's enough for me. 

I think these spammer will give up one day eventually. 


Utilizing the @steem-plus advanced wallet features, you can filter out the spam.

I don't see any good reason for wanting to stop spam messages however, as 0.001 Steem adds up after a while, 

Let's put it into simpler terms.

Say Steem one day, is worth what Bitcoin is at this very moment. Let's have a look at what that spam would be worth... shall we?

I'll bet no one would complain about the spams if this was the case would they?


You can not stop it. I have found that my spam is way less since I stoped using bid bots. The wallet spammers watch for transactions then send you a message trying to get your business or scam you out of your money depending on which spammer it is.