Do you think the sharing option in facebook/twitter is the most underutilized feature in musing?
I do feel so. I have also not utilized that. What do you say? Have you ever used the sharing option feature of musing in facebook/twitter?

I think you pointed it out very correctly and it is definitely most underutilized and I think musers should use it more or musing should implement something so that it would encourage people to share their Q/A in facebook/twitter and this is certainly going to help this community for mass adoption and if not at least people will get to know about musing and its structure.

I think musing should provide additional upvote weight for those Q/A which is shared in facebook/twitter and this will encourage people to share their Q/A.

Further I feel that we should also have an option to share in reddit, so musing should add reddit also in the sharing option.

Out of the so many available DApps, musing is the simplest and it rewards more to the people and most importantly people does not have to have any special skill, if they know the answer they can get paid and that is why I strongly believe that musing will be to reach to the mass, if it gets that exposure. The sharing option in facebook/twitter will definitely help it to achieve that to some extent.

Thank you and Have a great day.



A capital yes..

I feel the steemit and it's sub-platforms is really underutilized the advantages that social medium provides for every businesses or endeavour of people.

Musing I know for sure is a good initiative and need avenues to lift it to better and greater heights. It needs ideas that helps serves as wings to make it fly high and the idea of utilizing Facebook and Twitter and other social media platforms share options will help promote the platform.


Yes, but its normal. I mean, emmm something like sharing on social media will never be used / utilized if there is no "return / reward". I mean, even it's for the good, no one will use it if they dont get "real reward".  

Maybe, the team need to think about giving some rewards, maybe like Steemhunt did with their Social Sharing Bounty. I am sure it can grow musing.io better and faster.