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When you ask a question in musing, what type of answer you love to see? Postcard type answer or lengthy answer? Also do you read all the answers?

It depends on the question. If I am interested in a particular information I don't expect lengthy answers but somehow people manage to make them long anyway but if I am trying to find opinions on a topic then I am definitely interested in reading such answers and the longer the better. I admit that I don't read all of my answers because after a while I managed to "grow a sense" that tells me quickly if the answer is in theme with what I asked about or just something to fill the page. I don't consider long answers as a sign of quality and worth reading always but usually people that write long answers have put some efforts in them and I appreciate that. I appreciate also the ones managing to share what I need in a few phrases. Sometimes that's what I need. A quick info. It's a diverse world here on musing though and you can get many types of answers so prepare to read something interesting every day if you like being active and asking questions daily. Keep up and Steem on...or should I say musing on!


It depends on the question pattern from my opinion. If my question is about something which do not need to elaborate anything, just giving the right information is enough, then I would prefer postcard type answers.

But here in musing there are so many life, relationship, family, business, more or crypto related question that a postcard type answer or any short answer may not clarify the answer. So most of the answers expand in some points.

Lengthy answers may need time to read but I think it is much more helpful. As the writer try to catch every possible point, give example and try to give other related information. So it would be helpful to others in long run. 

It may takes time of the current users to read through but who will search on the same things years later. It may help them.

I try to read the answers and give a thanks, leave a comment or upvote the answers which I have asked. And I also read other answers which seems interesting to me, informative to look like and also some answers from my favourite writers. 

It helps me to learn and develop my own writing.

Thank you. Have a great day.   


I expect the answer to be clear and concise. Not typed like they Google the facts and placed some fancy words to make their answers look pretty. I don't like to read long answers if they only show generic opinions about the a common topic. I want real personal inputs done with a few lines. That speaks more than several lines that circle around a thought that can be told in a single line.