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If the law of average and law of universe counts then why the human population is exploding like anything and other living creature are at the verge of getting extinct?

Hi, you are very correct when you said you the human population is increasing this is as a result of so many factors that is beyond even comprehension example china and india boost of the world largest population and even when laws have been passed on childbirth and childbearing steal the population of the world is still increasing, i must tell you that the death rate used to be higher than the birth rate at one time it even shared an equilibrium but the truth is that sometimes people may plan to give birth to two children and one of the birth will become twins or triplets at least in a thousand chances there are ten chances that a woman who is pregnant with a child who gave birth to triplets or twins.

The law of an average and universe still counts because death is inevitable however things like good healthcare, proper dieting , good living may bring about stable life which can make a percentage of human being live longer than expected like I said earlier the birth rate is increasing but slightly the death rate is decreasing because of the example I mentioned in the first point so one can preferably say the birth rate is 60% while the death rate is 40% and an equilibrium has not been achieved which means human population will likely keep getting larger.

And the reason why some animals are going into extension is because people are hunting them for either hide of food so even as the population of the world is increasing there is bound to be shortage of food so this animals that are going into extinction are going to be hunted for food because of the increasing population people will pitch their tents with eating and hunting animals when green plants and vegetables starts to reduce.

So animals are going into extinction because they are hunted more the population of human keep increasing because of the situations reasons I gave however something is still constant death is still in av table and at some point it will maintain an equally equilibrium point if the activities and endeavours of man will reduce


The human population have not yet reached the maximum capacity of the ecosystem to hold given population, therefore it continues to grow at a exponential rate.

As for species going extinct. 

That's just those species not being flexible enough to adapt to the change in their environment.

When environment changes, naturally or influenced by another specie, 

the more specialize species will go extinct first.

On the other hand, more adaptive species will flourish.

You can imagine how many species went extinct in Australia simply because a rabbit was introduced to that ecosystem.

Well, Humans are rabbits, and the World is our Australia.

Don't worry, we will eventually go extinct too, and then another evolutionary boom will happen with many new species emerging from the ashes of our empire.

Don't cry for the species that went extinct.

99% of all species that ever existed went extinct without our help.