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Do you think we should have a dApp which should be like facebook where we do not want any payout rather we can post anything we like e.g one line post or three line post..whatever? Because the moment it becomes monetized it brings community guideline along with it where if it is without that, then it becomes as free as you talk, walk, gossip or anything like that? So I just want to know do you want to feel free without any monetary benefit of such a dApp? I want your honest opinion?

No. The goal of the Steem Blockchain is to tokenize the web. So, creating a DApp that is not tokenized, or using your words "monetize", would not make sense in the ecosystem. In fact, a DApp like that would be going against the purpose of why the Steem Blockchain exists. 

First, a DApp that isn't tokenized will not fit in the Steem Blockchain.

Let's begin with why the Steem Blockchain exists. According to the Steem White Paper published last June 2018, the Steem Blockchain and STEEM cryptocurrency was designed to reward creators of user-generated content and help online communities grow by tokenizing the web. It was designed around a simple concept: "everyone’s meaningful contribution to the community should be recognized for the value it adds." The assumption is, if users are recognized and rewarded for their contributions, then they will be more likely to keep contributing and it will help the platform grow, too. 

If that's the case, then it only makes sense to expect that all the DApps, websites, services, and users taking part in the Steem Ecosystem and building the Steem community also believe in rewarding user-generated content by tokenizing the web. Otherwise, why would you build on the Steem Blockchain? I mean, wouldn't it make sense for any app or service--decentralized or not--to build on a platform whose ideologies and goals are in line with their own? Because if they don't they'll just be placing themselves at a disadvantage. Thus, a DApp that doesn't reward contributions will therefore not be an ideological fit for the Steem Blockchain. 

When it comes to the technical aspect, you'll be creating a problems and issues for your users too, if your DApp decides not to reward users. For example, by removing the chance to be rewarded, you are essentially depriving a user of their ability to increase their stake in the system and therefore their importance. The Steem Blockchain, after all, considers the amount of stake one has in the system to determine the value of their votes. And in this sense, votes refer to both content upvotes and witness votes. So, indirectly, if a DApp removes the rewards in a Steem-based DApp, that DApp basically makes their users insignificant when it comes to the bigger Steem ecosystem. They won't matter much when it comes to voting for witnesses, for one thing. 

There's also no telling what removing the rewards will do to the Steem ecosystem. I mean, how will this affect the payout distribution for the rest of the DApps? Or the general consensus algorithm for Steem? And all other issues that will be affected by removing the rewards for a DApp. 

Second, "quality-based" guidelines are not limited to monetized platforms in the Steem Blockchain.

We need to realize that just because platforms like Facebook, Reddit, or Quora are not monetized, it doesn't mean that they do not have a set of guidelines their users must abide by. These platforms have guidelines too. The only difference is that they go under a different name, like "Terms and Conditions", and are defined by the central authority in charge of the platform, not the community like in the Steem Blockchain. This is an important distinction, because I would much rather comply with the user-driven community guidelines in the Steem Blockchain than the Terms and Conditions imposed by these platforms?

Why? Because community guidelines, at the very least, were built organically by the community who uses the platform everyday, not some central authority whose main goal is to make sure that their corporate interests are protected. Let's not forget that community guidelines were created from the point of view of the user, not the developer or the corporate entity. So, sure, I may not agree with the guidelines all the time, but at least they reflect the wants and needs of majority of the users in the platform. And that's something that I find more palatable.

It's also important to remember that community guidelines are more fluid. They can change as soon as the community feels like a change is needed. That's why even though I agree with you that Steem's community guidelines regarding "quality" content can be a little harsh or unfair, I'm not too worried about it anymore. Believe it or not, conversation is brewing from some leaders of the community about the need to redefine what constitutes content for Steemit.com. There was actually a really good article from @taskmaster4450 about this recently here: (https://steempeak.com/busy/@taskmaster4450/time-to-make-steem-a-huge-success-by-dropping-the-focus-on-quality). 

This just shows that the communities like those in the Steem Blockchain are responsive. So, monetization is not really the issue. It's the community's perspective on content that needs to change. Remember, the Steem blockchain is a decentralized ecosystem. Thus, if enough people feel that we are being too strict on our community guidelines (which, I personally feel we are) then things will change.

Finally, your DApp already exists...off-chain.

For my last point, don't you think that a platform like Facebook that is not monetized already exists? It's called Facebook. I mean, here's the thing, the Steem Blockchain and the DApps in it's ecosystem all have one thing in common--they're tokenized alternatives to off-chain platforms. So, wouldn't a non-tokenized platform like Facebook be just a waste of time because it will have nothing new to offer it's off-chain alternative? 

Remember, Facebook, Reddit, Quora, and all those other platforms are already giants in content and social media. So, if you're going to build something similar, then you need an advantage to compete with them. Something different, or new. Otherwise, you'll just be setting yourself up for failure. And what better alternative than tokenization? It hasn't been done before the blockchain era and no blockchain tokenizes content as well as the Steem blockchain. However, if you're going to build a non-tokenized content platform in the Steem blockchain, then I'd rather you build it somewhere else because you'll just be wasting Steem's resources.

Also, we need to recognize the fact that there are actually platforms in the Steem Ecosystem where interaction does not require writing "quality" content. Steemhunt, for example, will reward users simply for their upvotes. Musing.io rewards users for asking one-sentence questions. They won't penalize users who answer questions with funny one-liners, either. I mean, you won't get rewarded, but at least there's no penalty. And over at SteemMonsters, there's no writing required at all. It's just about playing the game. All these DApps are not as "strict" when it comes to quality, and they still reward users. So, there's really no need to remove rewards. 

TL;DR: Steem is about tokenization, so removing the rewards do not make sense. 

I disagree that we need a non-tokenized DApp built on Steem. As I mentioned, it's incompatible with a blockchain designed to tokenize web content. Plus, it wouldn't solve the quality issue either, since all platforms--whether tokenized or not--have quality guidelines. Remember, Steem is all about rewarding contributions as a way to encourage user-generated content. So, if your DApp won't reward its users, it's better off built somewhere else.

Nonetheless, I agree that the Steem community needs to ease off on posts that do not comply with the community's "quality" guidelines. But, removing rewards is not the way to do it. Instead, it's all about changing the community's mind, which could happen down the line. I mean, I myself have changed my views on "quality" from the time I got involved in the blockchain until today.

Hope this helps.


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Uhmmm no I don't think there should be a Dapp like that because if it's not monetized then it becomes no different from Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Theres no point building a Dapp which doesn't reward people for their content when we already have sites like Facebook and Twitter out there.

It's just like saying you go through the stress of building a blockchain and then decide that you aren't going to use any of the features that you included in it. The concept behind steemit and steem based Dapps is simply to let the content creators get a piece of all the money that the Zuckerbergs and the Dorseys make.

It would be nonsensical to build a Dapp on a blockchain that's meant to reward people for their contents and not reward them at all. Even if a Dapp like that existed, it's going to be nearly impossible for it to compete with already existing social media websites.

Steemit on its own is a mix between social media and business media and the steem blockchain is the only thing that keeps it that way. Taking it out of the equation would make steemit the same as Facebook, in fact it would make it far worse than Facebook.

Moreover, nobody said you can't post whatever you like on steemit, it's just that to get upvotes from certain communities you have to follow certain guidelines. I mean if what you want is to be free to post what you like(which you already are) then getting upvotes shouldn't be your problem. Whether or not you get anything should be irrelevant.

In that case, you could use busy.org, their UI is more user friendly than steemit's is, its reminds me of Facebook a bit and you would be able to enjoy it pretty well. If a Dapp was to be created to satisfy that doesn't have any monetary benefit, then it shouldn't be created on the steem blockchain, but if you must create something like that then simply hide the total amount of money people get from their posts and don't include a page for people's steem waller. It's that's simple.

I hope this helps.


There is certain apps and social media to share your daily life as well as thought or other staff with out any monetary benefit. You can share what ever you want with a limited community guide line. 

I am not sure why we need any dapp to do that. Is that going to add any value to this crypto community or any other? I am wondering.

People come here for monetary benefit, some knowledge and entertainment too. But seeing other's one or two line post or their daily life photo would not add any value in these way. It is my personal opinion,may be people out there think differently or they may also fee the need of such app.

But adding thousand of daily life photo or short status, meaningless meme may have some entertainment value, but we are here in a big community it would not add depth meaning to the community.

There is dmania app already which is sort of the reflection of your idea. But that also have a monetary benefit.

With out monetary benefit why people will join that, im wondering. There are hundreads of other community to do that.

 May be developers also thinking about that, i am not sure. But for me, I would not join in such community. It will not serve my purpose and no value to my work. Which steemit, musing and other dapps are serving me.

have a great day.