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How dangerous is bird flue? What precautions should I take to protect myself against such viruses?

Well let's start by pointing out that if you actually get bird flu then your life expectancy from that point on becomes extremely abbreviated so doing all that you can not to get it is in your best interest.

Bird flu is actually a type of influenza which particularly affects birds but also affects humans as well and it's got a particularly high mortality rate when it comes to human beings. I mean the last time there was a bird flu break out, scores of people died before the pandemic could be controlled.

As far as preventing yourself from getting bird flu, your best bet would be to actually stay away from bird meat or anything that's got bird meat in it entirely, especially if there's been recent reports of a bird flu out break. That way at least you're sure you won't get it from a bird. Also, avoid anybody who actually comes in contact with birds on a daily, whether by eating them or any other means.

If you must eat bird meat though then boil the meat for a very long time so that the virus can completely die before you eat the meat. Viruses can't survive for long after the host dies and the bird flu virus is no different.

Finally, if you should get infected then there's still hope. As long as you got wind of your condition early, certain antiviral drugs can actually cure you of the sickness.

I hope this helps.