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How relaxed do you feel when you forgive someone? Are humans predisposed to forgive?

Forgiving someone gives me that deep breadth feeling...like I just put out a rock that was resting on my chest. The bad thing about bearing grudges or not forgiving is that you will not be at peace, you end up suffering more than the offender so it's always best to let go. Forgiveness has more effect on the forgiver than the person being forgiven.

It might not be easy to forget but forgiveness is achievable and we should at all time.


I think it's actually the other way around, humans are predisposed to NOT forgive and that's why people are taught to more often than they are taught to not forgive. It's in human nature to hold a grudge and want to retaliate and get revenge for any wrong doing that's been done to us, that's just how we've been wired, forgiveness on the other hand is something that we must learn.

In truth, I feel at peace when I forgive someone, that's because holding a grudge against someone is a weight that's latched onto our shoulders and it doesn't go away until we forgive them. From my experience, even if you manage to get back at a person for what they did to you, it doesn't take that weight away, you'll still hold a grudge against them.

Forgiveness isn't really for the person to be forgiven, it's for you the forgiver because it frees you from the weight of that grudge and nothing feels better than when you have a clear heart and a clear spirit.

I hope this helps.


I feel very relieved once I let go issue or unforgiviness in my heart.

Based on my believe as a Christain we are taught to always forgive just as God in Christ as forgiven us.

Irrespective of what happened we must learn to forgive at all times.

Forgiving and letting go that pain or bitterness is vital to ones health because habouring unforgiviness could have negative effects on our health and body.

When you forgive you feel this rest and peace in your heart.

Humans ain't predisposed to forgive in our human nature that's why we are taught to learn how to forgive.


How relaxed are your feelings when you forgive someone? Do humans tend to forgive? We as human beings who have feelings must have compassion for others by forgiving all the mistakes he has made to you. By forgiving each other for the mistakes of others, then if we make mistakes with others then that person will also forgive all the mistakes we have made against other people too.

By forgiving each other, then our friendship will be more awake and continue to be maintained until the end of life. Usually, it is very difficult for us to meet people who want to forgive the mistakes of those who make mistakes because they must think selfishly and assume that they are the right ones so it is very difficult to forgive the mistakes of those who have made mistakes with them.

The point is that we as fellow human beings must forgive each other's mistakes so that someday we will also be forgiven by others when we make mistakes with him. Therefore, we must forgive every mistake other people make to us so that other people also forgive the mistakes we make later. Hopefully the advice that I recommend this time is useful for all of us and becomes a consideration in our daily lives.


Actually, based on my experience, it felt so good, no more guilt and heartaches towards the person that have done wrong on you. It erases the hatred or anger that you have been stucked to and it is hampering your own emotional development and that is the very reason that we need to be forgiving toward another. I’m not saying it is easy but at least we tried our best because at the end of the day we need to have a peace of mind and cultivate positivity in our thoughts. I once had a hatred towards someone and now, I’m finally feeling so better to the point that I can simply mention his/her name without any feeling of being angry. To forgive is to let happiness rule over your life.