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How to imbibe good saving habits in kids and teenagers? Does the impulsive shopping habit of parents affect the kids at home and they also become careless which at a later stage prove to be detrimental to financial health?

The best way to get children and adolescents to acquire good habits is with the example of their parents and adults around them. show them that in order to get the things they want, they must make an effort and establish logical priorities.

Parents with compulsive shopping problems transmit this problem to their children and they will develop this bad habit because they will not be able to establish their priorities in an appropriate way.

Properly managing priorities regarding expenses is an important quality to achieve successful personal development.

As a father, ask your child for options to manage their expenses, assign them an amount of money to spend on their things and suggest options that may be beneficial, explain the pros and cons of spending on certain things and congratulate them on savings and investments beneficial