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Do animals and birds have negative emotions like human being?

I think all higher organisms have emotions, be them negative or positive. The fact that animals have the capacity to experience joy and happiness is reason enough to believe that they can experience negative emotions as well.

Female apes have been known to carry around the bodies of their dead children for days as a sign of mourning and deep sadness over their loss, and prolonged sadness or better yet a sense of loss can be classified as a negative emotion.

Human beings have different gestures and behaviours to classify just exactly how we feel when we're sad, angry or generally upset and it's the same thing for animals. Some of them may seem ok, but it's not that easy to decipher how an animal feels when we don't understand their body language as well as we understand our own.

Take dogs for example, they're very close to human beings; they're "man's best friend" so there's a definite bond between man and dogs. When the owner of a dog dies or is away for a long time, there's usually a very visible change in the way a dog behaves, almost as if the dog is sad and depressed and it usually remains like that until the owner comes back.

The Pythagoreans where of the opinion that all animals experienced the same range of emotions as humans do and I don't think they were wrong. Today behaviourists have proved that some, if not all animals experience emotions, positive and negative, just as much as humans do.

I hope this help.


Do animals or birds have emotions? Truly. They plainly exhibit basic feelings like joy, outrage, dread, and pity.

Be that as it may, do they have emotions like people? That is difficult to state. People have complex minds. We're mindful, so we can comprehend our own feelings, consider them, and expand on them. Be that as it may,

creatures simply feel. Most creatures can't perceive themselves in a mirror, so it would pursue that they can't ponder their feelings. So far the main creatures affirmed to have more multifaceted nature than that (supposedly) are gorillas.

It's conceivable that other extraordinary primates could be the equivalent, and possibly cetaceans, for example, dolphins, however now it's difficult to state until the point that we instruct them to speak with us.


For example...Did you ever see an angry upset dog or cat? What do you think makes them act like that? If they would have no emotions they would not do such things. Of course they have emotions. They can be sad or depressed, happy, joyful, caring, loving, angry, irritated, etc. :)