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Is there a way to earn money from my facebook account?

There are many ways to earn using Facebook. It depends on what service or goods that your selling to the public. I have done some of them myself that's why I know some of these techniques.

The first way is to create a shop name or a page with the logo of your business. Then you can add as many friends as you can find. Then anytime you advertise using your Facebook page or Facebook profile it will reach an audience that is gonna be there to see what you have posted. There may be those who are interested and would ask you for the price or contact.

You can join a sellers community group which is plentiful in Facebook. There are so many communities that it is usually uncountable. Then when you are in those group, just prepare the photos or adverts that you have and post it on the page and see who is interested in your advert. Then slowly you gain more and more confidence especially doing a sale.

If you've got a skill, you can just advertise it on Facebook and there is bound to be someone who is interested in your skill set. When i want to look for someone who can fix cars for example, I head to Facebook and search. Some of it is really good.

Then you can make YouTube videos or put blog post into Facebook and it will increase an awareness to those who are interested in what you got to offer and increase your fan base. These are some ways but there are many more.

Making money anywhere takes time and effort. And most importantly patience.


Yes, you can. You have to have a Facebook account to create Facebook page and advertise there. Facebook is one of the most popular and effective platforms to do whatever you want in order to promote your business. It's pretty basic. You can target people according to their age, gender, relationship, passion, location, and so on. Then you can run ads.

You can definitely get good results if you are good at it. You can grow your business pretty fast. Google AdWords was very popular before. Whether you accept it or not, Facebook is one of the platforms that can change your business. 

The good thing is, big companies have not invested more on Facbook advertisement yet. So the cost of advertising is low. When big companies come and invest more on Facebook advertisement, the cost of advertising will be very high. What you can do right now with your budget, you have to pay a lot in the future to get the same result.

This is a golden era to do something on Facebook and make more money whatever your business is because you will get your customers over there.

Hope this answers your question.


If you have many friends on your Facebook account you can monetize it through affiliate marketing. You can choose to share company's products with them by registering on one of those online retail sites and get paid commission for products sold through your affiliate link.

You can also create your own products and market them to your friends or followers. Or if your FB fan base is really large, you can reach out to company's to advertise their products through your page. You get paid a token by the company. These are just some of the ways you can earn from your FB account


Facebook is most ideal approach to gain cash since it doesn't requires any speculation. in the event that you are have colossal fan base, you are on luckiness. 

In the event that you truly need to profit, here are 3 stages to gain cash from fb page at that point need to pursue beneath steps.. 

Stage 1: Picking your specialty: For a few people, this can be one of the hardest strides of the procedure. You may not know it at first, but rather your decision can eventually be the deciding element among disappointment and achievement. So, pick a specialty that you are energetic about. Remember, you will need to refresh this fan page once a day; a man that is energetic about chasing won't have any desire to refresh a young lady's design page on the standard. You can just convey the correct substance to your fans in case you're a fan yourself. To entirety everything up: pick an explicit specialty that you're energetic about with a crowd of people that you can adapt. 

Stage 2: Building your fan base: If you're making a fan page for the simple first time, it will be to a great degree difficult to develop a page without burning through cash. Obviously, on the off chance that you have another fan page or wellspring of supporters, you can generally send those fans/devotees to your new page. The main sort of fans we need are steadfast, REAL, and dynamic fans; individuals that will like and share our posts. You can BUY FACEBOOK LIKES from quality suppliers. It's thoroughly fine to purchase likes to trigger your page. You will pick up socail evidence to have the capacity to end up increasingly prominent. I have attempted aroound 4-5 organization and see thatBMPsocial is the one that can set a long coordinated effort. Facebook likes they give, obviously, are genuine and enable my fan to base increment adequately. 

Stage 3 - Monetizing your page and Enriching your substance: When the time has come to begin adapting, bear in mind to continue posting significant substance. In the event that your fan page is only one mammoth attempt to sell something, you'll most likely begin losing fans constantly. Here is some ways you can use to enhance your substance: 

1. Use eye-getting and genuine pictures - People react to pictures they can identify with, so when they see individuals their age, in garments that they would wear, doing things that they like doing, they are significantly more liable to lock in. 

2. Keep it short - Users only suft on the Internet, they are too occupied to even think about spending time to click "Read more" in you post. Along these lines, be short! 

3. Incorporate a suggestion to take action - If you request that your Fans Share, Like or Comment, they are bound to do it. You additionally can make an inquiry toward the finish of the post. They will contemplate your substance to answer you. All things considered, you'll get greater commitment. 

4. Be on time - No issue how great is your substance, it is uselessif vanishing on Newsfeed. You have to recognize what is the best time for posting. Hunting down the Picktime to find out about this. Likewise, the recurrence of your post is additionally critical. Try not to shell your clients yet don't do posting seldom too.


Yes. There are several ways to earn some amount of money using your Facebook account.

The most common way I could think of is through selling or marketing. I have several friends who use their accounts to sell something from foods to garments and even real estates and insurances.

If you have lots of friends and group connections, you can have a higher possibility of success on online selling.

Yoi can try those get paid to kind of sites in which they will pay you some amount for promoting their links and products in your account.

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May be. However, it is not effective if you are not a company that has a product that you want to sell. Media Facebook is a media that brings together the user interface with each other. They are only media that collect all user data and are sold to be able to get sponsors from the company.

They cannot provide other benefits besides that. You can't do much in making money there. The opportunity is very small to be able to earn. So, with the birth of the Blockchain technology lately, this can provide a great opportunity to be able to get money for everyone.

Only this can I answer, hopefully you can develop it with other information.

Thank you for the question. Good luck always for all of us ...

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Is there a way to earn money from my facebook account?

You can tell your facebook friends about SteemIt.com. You then mention that people need to buy STEEM for their upvotes to count.

They will then be so grateful to you that they will upvote your posts.

PS: The other posts suggested affiliate marketing. To do affiliate marketing, you need to buy a web site. You then put your affiliate ads on the web site.

Most affiliate networks will reject your application if you don't have a web site that is in good standing.


 Yes, Facebook has also earning resources, which is dependent on you what you choose. There is the option of a facebook page, you create the page about anything and boost it. Try to come more traffics on it, however, peoples know about it and give your like & shares. Besides this another a lot of option that you can choose according to your interest.

I personaly spend sometimes on facebook, I like to spend on the other social media site that is most interesting and good for you to interest develop in it. So that's up to you what you'll choose. Good luck! 


You can earn money from Facebook account through advertising or affiliate marketing, though you must very large followers in your Facebook fan page or business page in order to do this.


You cannot necessarily EARN on Facebook but you can EARN through it.


It is very simple. You post on Facebook what you are selling. Basically, you do not earn after posting it but after someone notices your post and buys your goods.

But there is a catch, you need to be popular, or you are having a good following so that you can earn more.