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What will be total supply steem tokens after 5 years considering the the inflation rate of last 2 years? Do you think that because of inflation price of steem will be down?

Except the first year, the inflation has been steady and it has been under 10% in past and the average will be in between 7 to 9%. Now the total supply of coins are 381 million and if we project the same into future for next 5 years by taking an average
figure of 8% inflation per year then the calculation will be like:-


P=Present amount of coins

A=Projected amount of coins after 5 years

r=inflation rate=8%

n=No of years for which we will calculate the projection

So it will come like A=381(1+0.08)5=559.81 million

So roughly it will be around 560 million steem token

Now as for the second question that whether it will make the price of steem down. I do not think so as I still believe that steem is at its nascent stage and the society has not yet switched to blockchain based social media yet and so once the mass adoption will be there the growth will become exponential.

Further, the inflation is always going to be offset by demand, as more number of people will join, they will buy more tokens so as to invest as liquid steem or they may convert it to steem power as well.

Steemit is the first ever decentralized social media backed by a cryptocurrency called steem and very few people are still aware of it and the adoption is going on slowly and steadily and I am sure considering the beautiful interface and neat and clean environment of steemit, more people will join this community which will make the ecosystem better going forward.

Thank you and Have a great day.