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What are the benefits of black salt to our body?

Black salt is definitely beneficial to human body, the reason being it is most naturally available and available as pure form of salt. So it does not require any adulteration nor any chemical to be added. It is also popular in Asian kitchen, because it is widely available in Himalayas and cheaper in that region too. Black salt is suggested to be used as per Ayurveda and it is useful for health too.

The benefit is that by using black salt the level of electrolyte in the body is controlled and toxic mineral of the body is eliminated through urine. It also balances serotonin and melatonin hormones which is essential to fight stress. In other words, using black salt also helps to reduce depression. 

Further, using black salt also helps to reduce cholesterol.  It reduces the chance of heart diseases too. It has also considerable advantage in controlling blood sugar and blood pressure. 

Traditionally I have seen my family members using black salt in cleaning their teeth and surprisingly it works and it also acts as tooth whitener and my mother says it helps to remove bad breath also. 


Normal salt or table salt that we will in general expend consistently has high sodium levels and ought to be devoured in a restricted amount. One elective that can be utilized a successful option is black salt. Black salt is less handled and is less iodized, which makes it more beneficial. 

Fixes swelling and acridity. Swelling can be caused because of different reasons, some of which incorporate over-eating, hypersensitivities, blockage, IBS, et al. The soluble properties of dark salt help decrease abundance corrosive in the stomach and its minerals present help reduce the harm brought about by heartburn. It goes about as an extraordinary diuretic that soothes you from inside issues. 

May avert muscle issue or fit. Black salt contains adequate measure of potassium that is essential in controlling muscle working and furthermore assimilates different minerals well. It might adequately lessen muscle issues and fits by loosening up them enough. 

Lessens water maintenance. Water maintenance is brought about by aggregation of liquids in tissues or holes of the body; one of the reasons for water maintenance is utilization of over the top sodium. Black salt when contrasted with regular salt has lesser sodium content that makes it an astounding remedy for water maintenance. 

Aides in invigorating blood course. Black salt is a characteristic blood more slender that guarantees legitimate blood flow in the body, further lessening blood clusters and cholesterol issues.