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What is platonic love?

Platonic love is love that can make us get closer to the Almighty because we love someone not because we follow lust but we love him because of Allah. It is so glorious that we love someone not because of lust but love him because he wants to bring him back to the right path so that we always associate God in our relationship. Far from love that only because of obeying lust, Love that only follows the passions is very terrible because we love someone not because of God but because Satan is a big passion.

At present, is there still something called Platonic love? I think we have very few people today who have the nature of loving someone with platonic love, because nowadays most people are wrong in applying their love. The current dating style is also increasingly worrisome, and certainly there is also a lot of love that begins to shift from its meaning. And nowadays, there are so many people who are misinterpretations of love, which they love because of the desire to indulge in lust. So I still doubt that there will still be Platonic love at this time, even though there are only a few people who are still strong in their faith so they bring the name of God to love someone.

Humans who always get closer to God, surely know how to place their love for others. They know how to control their feelings of love without having to follow what is called lust. They also know how to love properly, love in ways that are blessed by God and others. Love that is based on closeness to God gives a greater sense of peace. It can't be denied right, if love comes from God too, so get closer to the One Who creates love, closer to the One Who has and creates this man, Allah.

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