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Which brand laptop I should buy considering the 12 hr online activity on daily basis?

flexibility in the present day is a factor that is quite influential on the choice of the laptop we use. Not infrequently vendors bring up various types of laptops to accommodate the needs of the community for a complete laptop. Maybe a type of laptop has been released since its inception. IF THERE WANTS To work on telecom computing Operating cellphones, laptops Being a good choice considering laptop computing is more than reliable tablet PCs.

Of course before choosing a laptop according to your needs, you must understand about the specifications of your laptop and your own needs. No one buys a laptop with specifications that they don't use or buy a laptop with very low specifications. This of course will make the costs you spend in vain. Therefore, consider tips on choosing a laptop that suits your needs to avoid losses.


A lot of it depends on what type of stuff you do online. If you are just browsing the Internet and watching Youtube videos and stuff like that, I say you should get  a Chromebook.  

I would never use a Chromebook to replace a regular computer, but I think it is an awesome supplement to a desktop for traveling, conferences, or just puttering around on the Internet.  In fact if I do work on Steemit over the weekend, it is usually on a Chromebook. 

The battery life on them is pretty amazing if you get one of the lower grade  processor.  Make sure you get one with at least 4 GB of RAM.  It doesn't seem like much these days, but the thing really doesn't need more than that.  I have a Chromebook that has an i5 Processor and it is way overkill.  Plus it drains the battery like crazy.  

My wife's Chromebook has a Celeron processor and she can use the thing for days on a full charge, it is pretty amazing.  In the past you had to be connected to the Internet to use one and you were restricted to just using online resources.  Newer Chromebooks have access to the Google Play store to run Android apps as well as The Chromeweb Store to run Chrome apps.  Additionally, they are now allowing some Chromebooks to run Linux.  That is pretty awesome.

The brand are pretty much all the same, it just comes down to aesthetics and what kind of customer support you an expect from a particular company.  I have a bunch of the HP, Dell, and Lenovo Chromebooks under my supervision in the technology department and they are all great. 

If you need to do something a little more hefty like gaming or something like that, you are probably going to want to get a traditional laptop.  In that case, I have been really happy with the Lenovo branded laptops lately.  The price and performance on the last three I have purchased has been great.  I like the build quality and they way they feel.  Specs are totally up to you depending on what you are doing.  You are probably going to want no less than i5 processor though and at least 8 GB of RAM.  If you are doing gaming you will want something besides the integrated video.  In that case you are probably looking at a gaming laptop which will be significantly more expensive and won't have the battery life you are probably looking for.  

The Microsoft Surface is also pretty cool although a bit pricey in my opinion.