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How best can a woman be satisfied sexually??
I've had stories of women who left their husbands for another guy because they are not usually sexually satisfied

Focus on foreplay and try to wait until she reaches the climax which is a time when both of your are sexually aroused to the highest point(please note that generally a male gets aroused very quickly where as a female gets little later, a male should wait until a female reaches that point)  and you will get sufficient indication when she will want you to have the final intercourse and that will be easy for both you also, because both of you will be sufficiently lubricated by that time and not only the pleasure for both you will be at the highest point but also she will be perfectly satisfied.

Some other points to note.

If you think its the size which matters probably no, if you have an average size but you know the art of foreplay then you will have upper hand than any other big size guy. 

During sex it is the stamina which matters. Generally it has been observed those who run very well or a marathoner and those who are good swimmer exhibit highest stamina in sexual intercourse.

In order to optimize your length of sexual intercourse, take green vegetables, carrots, garlic, walnuts, almonds, these are really beneficial.

If you smoking and taking alcohol, immediately stop that, smoking is like a crime when it comes to your sexual strength.

A proper diet and healthy exercise will make you more optimized in bed.

Thank you and Have a great day.


As a woman I would tell you that you have to ask your partner, because every woman is different! On the sexual level the best thing is communication, asking what everyone likes, what their fantasies are, what excites them most. Sex is not a formula that applied will always give the same result. I have a secret: all women are different! Some women are visual and very sensual, from the senses, and we like to smell, feel, taste. Others are more of action, they like the rudeness, the strength, that the male imposes himself or impose themselves. If you are afraid to ask or if it is your first time, there are things that could result; as is the case of the previous games, in which you talk to her in the ear, you kiss her all over the body, stopping at the most sensitive and key points of her body. Remember that the erogenous zones because they are so sensitive are very delicate to the touch, so it is recommended that you ask your partner with what strength he likes to be caressed in those areas. Remember to take a slow pace (the woman is very grateful that men are not impatient or fast), enjoy and make enjoy the moment. Also make her feel special, beautiful. Wait for her, think about her enjoyment, delay yours. Remember that a sexual relationship is between two and the idea is that the two are satisfied! 


You have to know a woman to be able to satisfy her sexually. You have to know how she likes to be touched, what turns her on, what some of her sexual fantasies are, listen to her body language and engage in lots of foreplay. You know most women takes longer to respond to sexual stimulation than men, so you have to really give her attention if you want to satisfy her.

Women are different and they respond to sexual stimulation differently. Thus knowing your woman's sexual preference or fantasy is very important. If you can get this knowledge, you won't struggle too much to take her to sexual paradise.


 I think we all have seen in movies or anywhere around us, that woman make jokes about that man don't know what they are doing, and those man are mostly new man. But guess what, a man can't see on the woman face what she wants!

We can't smell it, touch it, eat or drink it to understand how she wants it, most of the man assume or guess or just go with the flow and then hope for the best. 

Because the problem is, talking about sex before having sex, could be considered as a pervert or rude or seen as attack.

While that should be done to create a compromise with each other, because that is sex in a nutshell. You do this and i do that and we dance the tango together!! But if she assumes this and he assumes that, then it might work out or totally not.

There for it's needed for a couple to openly say to each other what they want, and then meet each other half way and improve what both used to get.

So how best can a woman be satisfied sexually? Ask a woman and make sure you improve what she wants! Have fun :)