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Can the blockchain be hacked?

 To  answer this question we need to understand what hacking a blockchain  means. We all know that coins live on the blockchain and you can  send/receive them by accessing them through your keys.

This  creates the illusion that hacking the blockchain would mean that  somebody would crack open the encryption and steal the coins. The fact  is that as long as you can get your hands on the coins without the  owners permission, it would be called hacking. No matter if you cracked  the encryption or not.

The blockchain can theoretically be hacked  in a number of ways, but most common hacking attacks include, Sybil  attack, Routing attack, DDOS, etc. Their is one truth of hacking -  theoretically, everything is hackable. 

As you can see that  blockchain hasn't put an end to hacking. In fact it has even inspired  some new ways of disrupting the network or trying to control the  consensus. Nevertheless, the blockchains are still some of the most  secure locations to keep your money in. Protecting the keys and  passwords is each individuals personal responsibility.