You have 24 hours and an unlimited supply of money, what would you do?

Literally unlimited? Hire a bunch of people to invest the money in all kinds of securities on my behalf. If I tried to do it all by myself, I'd lose valuable time and would cause the prices to go haywire in the markets that I had time to do asset shopping on. My asset shopping spree would most likely cause a short-term pump on many different markets. When all the paperwork would be done, I'd have a good night's sleep and spend the rest of my life on making the world a better place with all the trillions worth of assets that I controlled globally.


Unlimited supply of money interesting.. If, this is the case for 24 hours than I would love the solve many problems and they are as follows:-

1. Try eradicating poverty. As, poverty leads to many problems and some of them are illiteracy, robbery, killing and many more troubles. So, would like to solve the problem of poverty as much as I could with the unlimited supply of money.

2. Donate it to the NGOs, "Non-governmental Organization ", who are actually trying to solve the problems in the society it could be child education, build old age home any such projects which is going to help the society and make this world a better place.

3. Finally, I did like to use the money collected to solve the problem of odd ratio that exists between rich and poor. By, this I mean in a country if there are rich people than they very rich and if there are poor people than they are too many. In more simple words the ratio of rich is to poor is not equally distribute. Hence, with this cash generating machine would love to solve this rich is to poor ratio and bring both rich and poor people together.


While going to work earlier I had a thought... which then turned into a daydream. 

On the 30 minute MRT ride, I was thinking if I sold several luxury condo units I'd have millions of pesos. And what would I do with it? 3 Million PHP would not even let me buy my own 1 bedroom condo in Metro Manila. But P30 Million would be enough for me and my family plus some charity work... Which charity though? And then my thoughts turned to the environment.

Would P30 Million be enough to rehabilitate a polluted river? 

Ah but wait, I am getting ahead of myself. I shall write more of that on another post.

I wasn't able to answer this Musing question months ago. I did write something but I wasn't able to post it for some reason based on my comment to someone's answer to this question.  I saw this again as it was bookmarked on my browser so now I can finally answer it!

My answer to the question months ago was to buy everything my family needs and wants, donate to charities and travel the world. Now it seems when the prospect of actually earning millions is at hand, my mind went to specifics. So my answer to this question now is, to fund environmental rehabilitation efforts in the Philippines, and then the entire world. 

Our planet is polluted. With 24 hours of unlimited money I could provide all the funds to clean Earth. (Nevermind paying for the Philippine Marcos debt, that is their debt to pay and not our government or anyone else's responsibility. Ugh, but that is an ugly [but maybe necessary] topic to discuss in a separate post.)

We could go a step further from funding the cleansing of our planet. I would fund projects to stop global warming. Wouldn't that be something? 

Will I be able to do all that in 24 hours though? The research alone on which NGOs or projects need funding would take me hours. Contacting them would take a few more hours too. Whew, I'd have to hire a team of virtual assistants to help me out.  Even hiring the right people would still take me hours and then checking on their results would cost some more hours. Whoa.

But then again, some say global warming is part of Earth's history. They say it happens from eon to eon or something. Uhm... Well now, this answer is getting way out there so I shall stop here. Lol.


A really tricky question to answer. Imagine having unlimited amount of money for only 24 hours. I guess it really depends on what sort of situation that this is. There are two ways as I can see It. It's like having special powers for only one day and no more. It's quite sad to have that problem.

Well, if there was a chance to have unlimited money assuming that the next day thereafter, all those cash would be gone. Well, donate as much as there is to charity and built schools. I know the question is how can be it be done in a day. Well, it can be assigned to some contractors to do it. I've got so much money for a day sadly.

Suddenly lost in answering as I am not sure what are the best the parts of the question is relevant.


1. Rent a God of Fortune costume

2. Rent a lorry with driver

3. Load up all the cash on the lorry

4. Wear the God of Fortune costume

5. Drive through the city, throwing cash into the crowds and shout "Huat ah!"


The first thing I'd do is take a truck load of it and invest. I'd spend atleast 18 out of the twenty four hours investing everywhere. I'd start by purchasing 10 million steempower. At the current market price that would give me atleast $650 upvote per post. Then I'd buy shares in all the top companies in my country and invest in the promising ones that can potentially help my country grow. I'd dedicate massive amounts to medical research and also to the production of eco-friendly products like Biofuel. Then when the day is almost over, I'll put as much as I can in my family's bank accounts because Lord knows they deserve it.


There is only so much one needs and could spend in a 24 hour period. I think I would just buy gold and shares. This would be the quickest way of spending as much as possible. 

You could worry about everything else afterwards. Buying or investing in companies could take days to do all the paperwork but buying shares and stocks would take minutes. This would be the quickest way to gather as much money as possible.

Once all done after the 24 hours you could then look at trusts for charities , family and friends


If I am rich I will donate my money to people in need, that's what I was imagining and laughing.

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Wow, I had my answer all set for this and then I started reading some of the other ones and I realize that I am just a selfish SOB.  

My original answer was Vegas though, I would go to Vegas and I would have a heck of a time with my wife and friends.  

Like I said though, I feel pretty lame now with everyone else talking about ending world hunger and stuff.

The question doesn't specify, but I was assuming that it's a one and done thing.  Anything that you make is gone after the 24 hours, so investments and things of that sort are out of the question.

If you do get to keep the investments that you make after the 24 hours are over, then that would change my answer completely.  

I would max out many of my investments.  I would buy a ton more crypto.  I would be come a whale overnight on Steemit.  Like the biggest freaking whale you can even imagine.  I would start throwing my upvotes around to everyone.  

I would delegate huge amounts of SP to many of the projects that I have come to love on Steem including Musing.io.

I would help the poor and needy.  I would make sure everyone has access to free medical care and housing.  It would be the single greatest day the world has ever known. :)

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