What do you do when Bitcoin price crashes?
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We all know that the Bitcoin price has the Dominance in the market above 50%. That means the price of the Bitcoin dictates the cryptocurrency market. Now when the Bitcoin Price crashes you will also notice that other cions/tokens prices will also fall. 

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I've learned a lesson a long time back when I use to invest in the financial markets. The lesson is, "Average Out" during the crashes. What it means is that if you strongly believe in a project and due to some negative sentiments around the market the price of its share is falling then its the right time to, "Average out" your positions. What this will enable is that if suppose you have bought 10 shares at $10 per each and now currently the same share is trading at $5 - which means that you are currently at 50% loss.

If you apply the "Average Out" rules and invest further $100 dollars in the same stock you will get another 20 shares at $5 per share. Your total investment now becomes $200 and shares you have is 30. This averaging out position makes your loss reduce from 50% to 25%.

Therefore my strategy would be in averaging out my positions in the coins/tokens I've invested in. If you believe in the project and there is a crash due to negative market sentiments it's a good opportunity to - "Average-Out" your positions and reduce your losses with an extra investment in the Project you strongly believe in.

I think is everyone's concern at the moment.. Everyone seems to be asking this question. The thing now I think is that btc has already crashed and is still crashing..

Imagine it's price at close to 20k and now only less than 3k. I saw articles that stated that many of those who invested at the time of that peak had to pay a premium of another 20k just to get their hands on a btc. Now it's gonna be a very sad time to own the same btc.

Its a time to wait it out and wait for the price to stabilize and then it will stall at a certain time. It's time to gather as much btc as you can if u haven owned any if it does go to one. I believe that this is a short term crash. In the long run, it will still be worth alot because it is sure that everyone is going to go cashless and btc and other cryptos would be worth alot.

Imagine that there is only 21 million in total of btc, imagine it to one day be worth as much as gold at 7 trillion. Btc is a kind of indicator, just like dow Jones is to the world stock market. When the big brother sneezes the little brother gets it. Btc is something that has bee. Created in algorithms just like our bank accounts are actually digital numbers too.