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What type of game that you play during your childhood but you seldom see it nowadays ?

Portable gaming devices. 

Everyone had a Gameboy when I was a child, or a Gamegear, ect.

There was always some new emerging handheld gaming system, and they were popular. 

With the emergence of handheld cellular, internet connected devices, a new game is only a haptic feedback click away.

There isn't a demand for the handheld game systems as there used to be. We have all in one solutions now.


We used to play conkers when we were kids and it was a great game, for whatever reason schools do not allow children to play this game anymore and it is a shame as this dates way back.

If you don't know the game conkers here is a simple way of explaining what it is and the rules.

a conker is a seed that comes from the horse chestnut tree and they fall in september just as the weather starts to turn,

they are brown and sometimes soft, the idea is to make your conker as hard as you can, so we have tried baking it in the oven, putting it in the airing cupboard and places like that to harden them up.

You have to insert a hole into the conker and place a good piece of string through it. you tie a knot in the end and the conker is ready to be played.

you challenge other people with conkers who want to play, you have to use the stringed conker to swing at the other conker to hit the opponents conker.

if you miss the other conker while playing than it is the other person's turn.

The first conker that breaks and falls of the string is the loser.

It is a great game and I have many a memory of playing the game as a child at school and with my dad.  it is something that I think is dying out as you never see kids playing it anymore.


If I had to choose only one without hesitating hide & seek, was the game that doubtless made me spend many of the funniest moments of my childhood, after all it was a simple game, where there was no need for any extra element and only with a group of friends and an open place we could spend hours running from one side to the other hoping not to be found.

Just remembering that adrenaline that invaded our body when we were about to win or be found shakes my skin.


Actually there are lots of games in childhood that are now no longer there. Oh yes, for the record, I am in Indonesia, so I will mention some of our local games.

Some of the old games that are currently never played are:

- betengan

- delik'an (Hide n Seek)

- Umbul / Plok (card fighting)

- jump rope

- dragon snake

and actually there are still many others, but I'm sure people outside Indonesia don't know XD

Oh yes, the game has been abandoned since the existence of a Smartphone :( , which gives children new games every day. PITY.