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What meal did your family serve you when you were a kid, that you absolutely hated, and you've never eaten since you've grown up?


There were tough times when I was growing up and my father was laid off a lot from the plant he worked at.

Because of that SPAM was something that was a regular meal.

I hated it then and have refused to touch for over 40 years since I first left.



When I was a kid, I loved curry we would buy it from a takeaway and we would enjoy it as a family.

One night when I was 8 my dad decided to try and make a curry for us all to save money, it was ok I guess.

Later that night I was so poorly, I was up all night and my mum and dad was worried about me because of how sick I was.

Since the eventful day I haven't eaten a curry, and even the smell makes me feel ill to this day and that is nearly 30 years ago.

If I am travelling past a curry house I tend to feel sick and I have to move past it pretty quick.

I will never eat it again because of what happened to me all them years ago.


While i was growing up my family love to add plenty onions and tomatoes to fried egg which we eat with bread,i do not like eating the fried egg because of the plenty onions,and till date i have stopped eating any fried egg that contains onions.