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What is Winter like where you live?

Vancouver... wonderful.

Above zero. Yet best snowboarding in North America at Whistler 1.5 hour away. :-)



No winter 

Nothing special


Winter is going on here in my Country. We usually don't have a 'cold' winter compared to other countries. I am from South Asia, so we don't have any snowfall here. But we mostly have a foggy, cold winter here. 

The temperature is like 10-20 degree on an average here. Only putting some warm clothes is enough, we don't need any heating system in our house. 

As most of the people live in the village areas so they face the cold more than us who lives in the city.  Days are generally sunny here. Only the morning and afternoon is bit foggy and cold. Otherwise winter is enjoyable and comfortable here. 

We got 8-9 hours of day light usually on winter, but 10-12 hours around the year. So winter does not change much things on our life style. That's the reason most of the people love winter here than summer coz here summer is more uncomfortable, hot and burning.    


There is no special occurrence whenever there is winter other than the shorter day and longer night over here. All I do mostly is to plan myself very well every morning so that I will be able to complete my tasks for the whole day before it runs out very fast.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Its very cold here in Slovenia. It snows each and every year, sometimes it gets really crazy bad but we are more or less used to it. I have shared a few photos just recently. I like the summer  better.