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What is the Likelihood Litecoin will return to $360?
Litecoin' s all time high price was $360. This occurred during the cryptocurrency market bubble of 2017. With the Lightning Network coming on line rapidly, organic demand from Argentina, and a returning interest in cryptocurrency, can you see Litecoin headed back to $360?

How likely is Litecoin to return to $360? If we look at the movement of the price of all cryptocurrency assets, almost all of them experience price increases as the price of the coin king, bitcoin, rises. So if asked how much the price of litecoin will likely return to the price of $360 per one coin, then I answer it is very likely that in the future the price of litecoin will continue to crawl up again as the price of bitcoin rises. it does not even rule out the possibility that the price of this litecoin will touch the price of $500 per coin in the market later.

We cannot predict when this coin-coin cryptocurrency will experience a rapid increase again as early as 2018, because we cannot expect that the coin price will return up tomorrow, next week, next month or even next year we will not can predict when the price of this coin-coin cryptocurrency will rise. In essence, in the future almost all of the coins in the cryptocurrency market will experience an increase that many times the price of the current price and therefore prepare your assets from now on to get future profits later.

If a crypto trader is very suitable to choose this litecoin as your future asset, because this litecoin will continue to experience an increase in price as the selling price of bitcoin rises. But my suggestion is that you don't just save one coin for your future assets, save some coin cryptocurrency that you believe that in the future there will be multiple increases such as litecoin, bitcoin etherium and some other coins that you believe you will gain profits going forward. So the point is not to close the possibility that the litecoin price will continue to rise until it hits the $360 dollar per coin or even more than that.

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