Would you want a world filled with people like you?

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There are two reasons why I don't want a world filled with people like me:

1. It will be so boring to talk to someone who is exactly like me. We enjoy company of others because they have different kinds of experiences to share with us. Thanks makes the whole social dynamics very interesting. 

2. I do not want more people like me because I am very lazy. Haha! I do not want laziness in the world because there is so much already. ;)

Note: Question in the "blog's title" was asked on @musing. And above^ is my answer.  


I have a mixed feeling on this. In a way I think it will be very interesting for me because I will have lots of like minded people around me and in another way, I will miss the presence of others as well. So I have a mixed feeling if I should go with a world with people like me or with a world with people of different mind set. In order to understand this, I will have to first do a self analysis to understand what type of character I'm and if I will be suitable to be filled all over the world. I would like to discuss both advantages as well as disadvantages separately.  When I talk about advantage and disadvantage, it will mostly be about my capability to gel with myself spread all over this world. Let me try it out. 


  • First of all, big advantage that I have here is that I really love myself so much. So I will not be having any conflict with myself. If at all anything happens I will be able to easily console myself. 
  • Sometimes I used to feel that people are not having the same area of interest I'm having, so if the world is fully filled with people like me, I will be able to easily gel with them and explore so many things together. 
  • I will be able to easily get more friends. I feel that I'm good in talking to people. Especially people like me interest me so much, so I will be able to easily get new friends. 
  • I'm a very good listener as well as a good speaker (I think). So it will be very comfortable for me if I have people like me all over the world. I can easily spend enough valuable time with others. 
  • Sometimes I really feel awkward when people talk to me about topics that I don't really care about. But in this case all the topics that I would be discussing with people, will always be my area of interest. 
  • Possibility for disagreement and argument can be very less. 
  • I admire nature so much. If I get people with the same interest, I think it will be highly valuable. 
  • As a selfless motive, I don't like harming any living being in this world. I let all the living beings lead their life. Sometimes I get so frustrated when people think opposite and harm other living beings. If the world is filled with people of same mind set, the problem will be solved. 
  • I like innovation so much and at the same time, I do lot of innovation only by discussing with like minded individuals. In this case, I will be able to get lots of people who can give me company to think the same way and also to execute the same thing. 

When I discuss a lot about the advantages that are available if the world is filled with people like me, I'm able to see lots of disadvantages as well. Some of the disadvantages that I mention can even contradict with the advantages that I mentioned above. But from what I see, I don't think disadvantages will be more compared to that of advantages. Lets see. 


  • When I say that I listen to others a lot, I do have a strong mindset that whatever I think will be correct. But sometimes I even feel that the route that I take may not work out. During such discussions there can be some misunderstanding. 
  • If I see people like me, I kind of become more dependable on them. It may not be welcomed by everyone. Even if I had to be in that situation, it will be difficult. 
  • I might exhibit an unlimited trust on people who are like me. This may not be always advantageous. There can be situations where I might get cornered and feel uncomfortable. 
  • I prefer being alone sometimes and expect others to approach me when I feel lonely. But if in a case where the world is filled with people like me, the other may also feel the same and they won't approach me at all for consoling. This can be a little challenging. 
  • I feel that I'm not a complete personality person. I live a comfortable life in this world because I see lots of people who have things that is missing from me. If those people are not going to be available in the future, then it will become quite challenging for me to live a complete life. 

Though I can imagine so many things now, there can be lots of practical challenges when it happens for real. But overall, I would say it will not be a pleasant world if it is filled with people like me because I will be missing things that admire from others. 

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Recently I came across a quote watching Big Bang Theory; the phrase was written by Chuck Lorre. He wrote, at the end of the show, in his customary vanity card, that:

"If you and I are the same, then one of us is useless."

And I think that aptly deals with the question you asked.

I mean of course it's pretty to think at first, you know, when you see frustration all around you, that maybe the world would indeed be a better place if everyone was just like you. But this is not neccesarily correct.

I think the right thing to say would be that the world would be a less conflicting place. The world will be perhaps a more placid more passive place. Why? Because of the monotony and singularity of course.

Everyone is you. They all think like you and act like you. And since no single person knows everything, it means the line of thought would all be channelled into one single direction. Your knowledge is their knowledge and worse your ignorance is their ignorance. No mixing things up or innovations of any kind.

That might not seem such a terrible thing at first; seeing of course like I said, the world might be a more passive and peaceful place. You're obviously not going to wage serious earth-destroying war against yourself or rigorously bully youserslf. So yeah we have a more passive and placid earth, but ask yourself does that really make the world a "better" place? All round?

Of course not.

And the reason is obvious. For that relative peace and quiet we're paying a lot more prices. Bigger prices. It means effectively that the earth loses its diversity, its creativity, its spark and its eclat. Effectively I think the world itself becomes pointless.

It's even more crazy and torturous to think about when you consider the fact that as human beings we get tired and pleasure loses value to us very quickly. Even things we find really remarkable at first becomes to us, after a few iterations, remarkably stupid.

If you're a musician then that's what every single person on earth is going to do is sing and sing until the world ends. And worse there'd be no one to listen!

So the earth just becomes literally a boring dance floor with 7 billion musicians singing the same music and no one willing to listen.


And of course we all know how these kinds of thoughts begin in the first place. We see something we perceive as an unbelievable amount of stupidity in another person, it exasperates us to death and we swear the world would be a better place if we were the only one in it.

But like I said, it really wouldn't.

So whenever that happens it's good to always remember that no matter how awesome we are or think we are, our awesomeness itself is but a mere singularity.

We--and the remaining billions of us--will get tired of it. Without the constant "stupidity" we perceive in other people, and the constant difference in tastes and cultures and modes of thought, life would be remarkably boring.

Which, I reckon, was why Chuck Lorre wrote the sentence about both of us being useless if two of us were the same. And of course you can imagine if ALL of us are the same then every other 7 billion people on this earth are useless.

So no. I would not want a world filled only with people like me. I would want you there too and all other steemians-- even Bernie Sanders and Haejin.

Cheers and have a nice day!


I think given that most of want to swim in the same bath water repeatedly, me being no exception, i would at first prefer people like myself in the world. What i mean to say is that we all connect with like minded people and prefer living in an echo chamber of the same opinions stated by people like us. Evidence of that is the shock to brexit and trump and not foreseeing the cracks in society.

I for a moment want to consider if i will feel dissappointed by lack of contradiction. As difference of opinion followed by constructive dialogue is what leads to optimum outputs. However i think from an everyday ease of life standpoint,i would like to not face differing opinions that make me think that there's a lot wrong with some people in the world. I would like to meet people who have the same sense of humour, see the world through my eyes etc. That ways there'll be less chaos. Everyone will be similar, less understanding of human minds required. I won't have to adjust to the differences between me and someone.


This might be one of the easiest Question I have ever answered on Musing. Some people might feel like it would be interesting to see how a World filled with like Minded People would look but as for me, I am straight up against this.

I like Diversity and Diversification. So the world filled with only Like Minded People sounds very boring to me. Regardless of the mentality, the people bear it would still be boring. Some of you may feel like Adventurous people might be interesting but if you put a bunch of Adventurous people together and ask them to do cool stuff, they too will get bored after a week or so.

# So I will again say that I wouldn't want a World Filled with People like me.


No. Who would do all the work that I'm incapable of or unmotivated to do? A world filled with (only) people like me would be a horrible place. A real shithole. And that can be said of just about anyone. No one can do everything. Diversity of personalities and aptitudes is a must if we're going to survive.


I could think of nothing worse. I would like them to have the same morals but other than that nothing like me. I wouldn't want everyone thinking like me as there would be no disagreements. 

Life would be really boring. I am not the most creative type and I like seeing what others can do. I am a simple person who is hard working and loving. I never take the easy way out and most things become a challenge.

I like the different personalities of people as this is what makes life interesting. If everyone was the same I think you would have more aggression just out of pure frustration. Things just would be dull and boring.


I don't think so. Hahaha. I think I am too boring to be someone you would want to hang out. The world should be how it is now. Imagine everyone to be the same as ourselves. I guess, we would be really bored.When we walk out the streets, we see people who behave like us. Shops don't need to look different as everyone has the same and liking. ahahah.

I actually have thought about this question many times at some point. This is because at some time, there are people who think that the world would be a great place if everyone had the same interest as they have. Imagine everyone driving the same car, have the same hair style and idolize the same person. Marry someone who is the same. 

Imagine marrying an opposite version of ourselves. Maybe one day, when robots take over the world, they would be filling up with machines that are similar to each other and are no indifferent from each other. Then they would feel that variety would be a taboo. I think the world is perfect just as it is. There should be some peculiar personalities, some honest people, some horrific people and many more. Then the world would be a fun way. 


Definitely not. I may have positive traits, but I have negative ones as well. I don't want to deal with people which we have the same negative traits because there is no balance. For example, I am weak physically. If all people are that weak as me, who will work on physical jobs?

We all have our own positive and negative traits. I believe that diversity is beautiful because of the balance. That way we can work together on things successful by having our own roles in the society.


I swear the world will be hell boring😂. I am conservative, my lifestyle is somewhat boring and fun. But I love those whose fun activities actually stimulate mine, if they are not in this life, there would be no stimulation.

So I prefer the way we are all mix of different characters, it makes things so interesting on the other side.

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I am actually not a perfect person. But recently I have tried to start living a straight forward life. I have started living a life free from lies. I want to be known for being truthful. I also try to be kind to people as much as I can even though I don't know them.

I do not have the time to hate on people or their successes. I do not get jealous of people when they are successful I think this is a major reason why God blesses me constantly. I try to love people around me and I definitely love the people who love and care about me the more.

I have discovered God rewards us if we give cheerfully to people. I also try tell people what they have done wrong and I don't like, but I don't do this to everyone, if I have studied you and known that correcting you will make no impact then there is point correcting you. So in such cases I mind my business. I try so hard not to interfere into people's family business.

I also try hard to be truthful and be a man of my words.

Above all, I am God-fearing and to shock you I do not care about what people think or say about me.

I think I will want a world filled with people like me.


I will not want that..

Don't get me wrong, but it will not be any fun or exciting to have a world filled with people behaving thesame way. It's not like i am bad or anything but it will be leas exciting to live in such a world.



No, that would do no good to the world, life would be very boring and monotone. People are very different for a good reason and that's why the world is so colorful. Each of us has certain skills, a certain personality, a different one and that's really good. 

We learn from each other, help each other out. If everyone would be like me, evolution would stop at a certain level because I'm only capable of what I'm capable of. 


No, life will be bored because I am not really a fun type.


I believe what you meant to say here is, "Our world filled with like minded people with zero differences, with same abilities, features, abilities, qualities, thoughts, creativity, tolerance, endurance etc etc.

No, I won't like that world ... It's seems like the idea of a world, frozen on a single state. No progress, no diversities, no challenges and nothing new ... Would you like that?


 Nope! The variation of people shows the true beauty of people, i would prefer to see variation then to see a full arena saying yes and amen on the same time! 


Yes, yes and yes. Hell yeah that would be awesome. At least 50 percent. The world would be a better place in my humble opinion ;)


Hell yes.

People minding their own business, would be the biggest advantage.


No. That’d be fucking boring.

“Diversity is the spice of life.”