Why do you choose to use steemit from other social media platforms?

I came here because it has two things that I find absolutely essential that have become obsolete on popular social media platforms: long-form posting and a feed that displays the posts of people I follow in chronological order. I am, first and foremost, a reader, and I'm interested in reading extensively about what other people find important and interesting, which has more or less stopped being possible in the mainstream.

I've stayed because Steem offers an interesting array of tools for building economic structures - voting, autovoting, delegation, vote-buying, etc. - and I'm highly intrigued by the possibilities of what I can build with them. I've also stayed because I enjoy many of the people here and the generally deeper and less-hostile level of interaction. 



For me in other social networking websites, I don't find anything productive after spending so much of time. Steemit or any other Steem based blockchain makes me do something productive instead of simply watch some fun videos or involve in some political conversations. 

I always wanted to write articles regularly but I have never been able to do it before. With steemit for the past 2 months, I'm able to write something every single day. This has not only increased by productivity but also my reading and writing ability. I really enjoy writing here. 

Ofcourse another main reason to be here is because of the rewards we get from this platform. There are new similar rewarding platforms emerging but steem blockchain has already taken a good place in my heart. 

As soon as I became active in steemit, I stopped using other platforms like Facebook, instagram etc. If I spend sometime in steemit I either get some money or I get to know lots of people here and finally I read a lot here and my knowledge is also improving. In Facebook or Instagram or twitter I get nothing. 

I also see a great potential for this platform. In future when the crypto prices are stabilized, it will see a great potential to rule the content market. 

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I love Steemit. If you use other social media, you cannot express everything the way you want. You are being censored. If they like, your post will not show up to your audience. You can put restrictions on you. You can ban your account. They have the authority to do anything. But here on Steemit, you can enjoy total freedom. No one is going to tell you what you can or cannot do. No one can put restrictions on you or ban you. You are free to do anything you want and the way you want. 

Steemit is blogging and social media platform. You can start your blog here and express your feelings, thoughts or anything you want. Other social media platforms do not pay you for your contribution. Your voice is worth something. If you use Steemit, you can get reward as Steem and SBD. 

Steemit is built on steem blockchain. And blockchain is the second generation of internet. Who does not want to be a part of something bigger? Steemit is growing faster than ever. And there are many awesome platforms that built on steem blockchain. For example, now I'm using Musing to answer your question that is built on steem blockchain. If you use Steemit, you will have access to a lot of platforms. And that's amazing!

Because of these reasons, I choose to use Steemit from other social media platforms.


I like the model and think it will be a valuable asset in the future for the cryptocurrency and the record keeping by way of copyright. 

I've always liked to create. And if this is part of the future way of life -blockchain that is, I would like to write my name in the concrete  


I am choosing Steemit over other social media platforms for half a year now because it is the best I can get. I discovered blogging through it, I found people to whom I interact daily, without the Facebook and Instagram masks, on almost any topic. Plus I get to earn some cyrptocurrencies which all the social media platforms that I know don't offer. It's definitely the best I can get for now. 


Because On the Steemit platform our content is valued (given monetary / money rewards) with steem (digital currency), while on other social media is rewarded with likes. because Steemit is a social media platform that runs on blockchain technology, just like BitCoin and Ethereum.


Other social media sites want to make money off my content, maybe pay me after I reach a huge threshold which I have to trust they don't manipulate in order to pay me as less as possible and sites like Facebook want to put uploaded photos through Orwellian facial recognition software apparently just for the giggles.


AS steemit has made many huge audience in their platform within few years and made the first blogging decentralize platform for writing blogs and it gives the proper value of our earning and also it can make us very rich in a single day so i believe in steemit.

As other social media platform does not allow their user to make money without working hard here if you have small amount of money then you can buy steem power in rent and start earning within short period of time and make money but if you use steemit in a wrong way if may be put your account down.

Here working is so interesting and design is very effective and if attracts me the most but the feature of making BOLD is not imputed directly you have to pass from some key words which are shown in markdown style as this is very bad thing other wise the team is very intelligent and many well known people are there in steemit platform to grow its platform and they are trying to take steem coin to an another level.

 Its also attracted the coin market cap price of steem as it was 5$ its all time high so if we can get a amount of steem for free then we can get 5* from our investment as to take profit from good post i am here working on this platform.


Unlike other social media platforms you can make money with steemit using your creativity and other skills. Steemit offers freedom of speech. You can talk about honestly about anything and no third-party can shut down your account. Ads aren't popping up like other social platforms. Steemit don't use your information to make money from ads instead steemit encourage you to create quality content for readers. Steemit is more educational than others. I've learned lots of useful information reading contents on the steemit platform.