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Why are there are plenty divorces in marriages these days?
Every relationship needs few things like devotion, mutual understanding, effective communication, mutual respect and love. During the honeymoon period/initial period of love life, people are driven by their sex hormones which make them passionate about their love life but gradually the quantity of these hormones reduces and when they come over their fanciful life and see the reality, they begin to doubt on their decision. The things which was earlier the purpose of life, looks irrational and dull now. When one partner fails to satisfy a simple demand of his/her partner, other feels neglected and hurt because of it.
There are following reasons which are breaking the marriages:
* Lack of trust: These days people are becoming over possessive and jealous. They suspect their partner. They think their partner will dupe them so they begin to vandalize his/her privacy and sometimes their suspicion takes their partner away from them.
* Clashes of ego: Ego should be kept aside to maintain a successful marriage. When one gives more importance to one’s ego, the relationship suffers.
* Busy life and long working hours: In modern times, people are becoming slave owing to their working conditions. They have long working hours and also it takes a lot of time in cities to travel back-and-forth office and home. So, it curtails the time for the partner.
* Over intervention of the elders: Sometimes parents of the husband or the wife become too careful to their son or daughter. They don’t hesitate to intervene in the personal matters of the husband and wife. Their unnecessary interference and over possessive behavior is also the reason of breaking the marriages. It also happen that the wife don’t like her husband to take care of his parents which may cause bitter arguments and ultimately divorce.
* Irrational behavior: Irrational and irresponsible behavior of one partner can irritate other partner. When one don’t listen to the other, a communication gap forms that may result in divorce.
* Over expectations: People see in movies and TV serials that couples are having a great time after marriages and they enjoy a rich life. It fills them with the notion that an ideal life should be like that. They have lots of expectations from their partners and when they don’t find their partners performance as per their expectations; they doubt their decision of marrying. Those over expectations are always detrimental to a healthy relationship.
* These days social media is also performing a role of villain in the married life of the people. People have lots of friends in social media platforms and they think it necessary to have a regular conversation with them. Everyone has a Smartphone in his/her hand and he/she spends a lot of time on using the net and interacting with virtual world friends which is weakening the bond between husband and the wife.
* Boring sexual life: When people see porn movies, they expect their partner to perform like the porn star but they forget that for porn stars, sexual act is only a means of living. They are not real couples. In fact they make a movie by taking lots of cuts and retakes but people don’t realize it. When they see their partner performing not according to their expectations, their confidence on them begins to shatter. Also, the artificial and busy city life is decreasing libido of men, which is also a reason of broken marriages.
Divorce is currently happening because each partner does not accept the reality, too much hope for the couple while the reality is not the case. for example a man wants his wife to remain beautiful and slim, in fact a woman's body can change over time let alone after childbirth.

Finances in inadequate households, money is everything in the household, all bills, tuition fees, living expenses every family member must be paid with money. a family condition that is difficult in the economy often leads to frustration in couples so that it becomes the beginning of contention.

Big families who are too interfering in marital life.
I see the role of a large family in causing divorce, for example the couples parent who is bad about his son-in-law.

Betraying a spouse is a big reason for divorce. A relationship will not go smoothly if there is an affair in the household. I have seen how the treasure can run out because of infidelity, and also infidelity has led to a divorce, so in addition to being poor he also lost a partner and eventually he became a drug addict for decades.

There are a lot of reasons why marriages end up in divorce, but according to psychologist John Gottman, one of the biggest reasons why marriages end up in divorce is when partners are not kind and generous enough to one another.

He and his wife put the newlyweds in something called a 'Love Lab' where they studied the way they interacted with one another. They got them to talk about both happy and unhappy times and hooked them up on machines that measured their blood pressure, heart rate and so on. They then followed up with the couples six years later to find out if they were still together.

What they discovered was fascinating:

The couples who eventually ended up in divorce showed physiological distress during their session in the Love Lab six years before. They were in a constant fight-or-flight mode, ready to attack or be attacked. They called this group the disasters.

On the other hand, the couples who still stayed together after six years showed physiological calmness during their session in the Love Lab. They were trusting of one another, felt safe and were not in any kind of fight-or-flight mode. They called this group the masters.

When couples interact in the way of disasters, they usually end up divorced and when couples interact in the way of masters, they usually end up staying together.

In some ways, this study shows that it is our own choices, in the little moments in life, that determine whether we stay together with our partners or end up divorcing them.

You can learn more about this study here:
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The basic psychology of men and women and relationships has not changed at all. What has changed is society. Divorces have become more commonplace with modernity everywhere regardless of religion or culture. The wealthier and more technologically advanced a society, there less external reasons force couples to stay stay married despite the relationship going south. 

With the advancement of technology, social media and what is being presented on television these days, it's no wonder that kids and teenagers alike days have become way too impulsive.

The moment they get attracted to someone, they think that their love are now marriage-material without even completely knowing the person. Months after, they would eventually get used to each other and will most likely end up fed up with each others attitudes thus the divorce happens,
Yeah you are right that there are plenty divorces happening in marriages these days,well i believe that the foundation of a marriage iis what will determine how long that marriage will last

We need to understand that some people marry for the wrong reasons and also some people marry because of lust or societal pressure,some people got married for selfish reasons and when these people get married and they begin to face the reality then they begin to get tired of the marriage and divorce would be the best option for them

That is why i will always advice anyone that they should always ensure that they get married for the right reasons and make sure they they understand that there will be challenges in a marriage and they must have the ability to manage crisis in the marriage
Married to and is being romantic, ought to be grateful and maintain chemistry as a pair of husband and wife. The thing is, an awful lot of spouses who fail to keep the flame of love between them and was forced to break the bonds that have formed together. Surely already know well that the cause of the divorce one of them is a misfit in communicating. But behind it, it should be no more reasons why marriage was unsuccessful. Some of the reasons divorce today;

1. rush married could be due to age, financial, or trigger fear was captured others, some people tend to be in a hurry when deciding to get married. In fact, many are recognizing that fact from the beginning they already sense that there is a problem between them and their partners. But they assume that all that will be done also later after getting married.

2. Losing its identity if it was too dependent on husbands or wives, does not want to do anything without it, will lose their real identity. As a result, the difficulty of positioning itself in the relationship. The wife and the husband does not know what you want and what to do to keep your marriage. 

3. Too busy responsibility as a parent when the recently married, relationships with friends who are still single so tenuous because it is too focused on a new husband. Same is the case when just had a baby and are busy raising children. so forget to note and prioritize husbands or wives.

4. Have a different vision After getting married, just realized that the wife and the husband turns out to be really different. He would like to develop a career and focus on their business, while one of them would like to soon have children and spend as much time with the family. Why is this never discussed prior to marriage? Well, usually when many couples going out with hide or harbored different vision. prefer to discuss the similarities myself. But later the difference that will be the food everyday you guys after married. 

5. the problematic sex life is somehow not interested at all for sex with husband or wife. Or if it still does it, all that lived as a formality only. Any husband or wife could never be satisfied. It is so can affect mood and chemistry as husband and wife. Maybe it's because deep down inside, there's something wrong in the relationship who are afraid to talk about.
Over 50% of marriages fail in today's world. I believe the culture has changed drastically over the past 50 years along with technology and it has made relationships a lot harder. There is not a lot of privacy anymore in the world and that has a lot to do with it as well. People are just getting caught more now then they did before the internet and social media. Marriage is not supposed to be easy and if you don't work at it and society says its ok then people just give up on the relationship and get divorced.
i wouldnt just like to talk much on this but if i get more charged along the way i might extend my answer. Thank God the question itself mention THESE DAYS.. The simple answer is obvious, Its because of the days we are in, new generation ,new style,new orientation, new technologies,new belief,new everything..Far before these age we didnt record bulky divorce issues,but now its on the high side.you see a lot of married people having hidden affairs ,most are not contented with their spouse. when you ask some of these people why they got themselves involved in such infidelity act, you will begin to hear different stories like my husband doesnt take care of the family,my husband is not good in bed, my wife is a nagging type,my wife is too outdated and many more flimsy excuses that irritates the ear. we have both the poor and the rich divorcing, in most cases the poor ones divorce either because the husband didnt meet the need of the wife or the husband caught the wife having extra marital affair because of their poor status . The rich also cry ,divorce is everywhere, Rich wife not submissive to the husband, daily excessive drunkenness , humanizing among others are part of the cause. The civilization of today has made people of this generation shop for relationship the way they shop for cloths .they try partners for size and if it doesnt fit they discard and try something else and when eventually they find another nice partner, they wear him/her like fitted cap.To give fairness a chance, the families of these couples sometimes serve as the main problem behind some divorce.sometimes, parent compound the problem trying to hold unto their child especially when the family depends on such child for survival,the fear that a new person has come in between them may arouse the fear of insecurity thinking they might lose the care gotten from the child after marriage so emotionally they tends to control some of the childs affair whether consciously or subconsciously and if care is not taken, there will be confusion and this can cause stress in the marriage which can make the tie that binds become a noose that will choke life out of the relationship.Divorce these days comes in different manners, by and large the society we are in has contributed adversely to this menace.i pray we get it right as men ,women and parents that the joy of our family lies in our hands and we shouldnt allow the societal influence to deprive us of the happiness in marriage. Thanks
There are so mucy divorces recently because of these reasons...

You got hitched for the wrong reasons.

Progressively more people get hitched for cash nowadays. That is really a brilliant ticket to the speediest separation. Numerous separated from ladies have laments; they need a major wedding and a house, however they wind up understanding that security isn't the formula for joy. Cash can't purchase love; monetary soundness influences you to feel good, however of course if the other individual doesn't influence your heart to come up short on its chest, you're doing it for all the wrong reasons.

2. Loss of character.

Mutually dependent connections are lethal. When you don't share common interests and you can't uncover your actual self before your significant other, at that point you have two alternatives – you can either get a separation or proceed with the relationship and live hopelessly for whatever is left of your life. Marriage isn't tied in with changing your identity; it's about correspondence and comprehension. Loss of personality is one of the primary driver for separate from on the grounds that there's no similarity.

3. Family unit differences.

Getting hitched, moving into a home with a companion, and living respectively are steps that easily fall into place throughout everyday life. Yet, on the other hand, on the off chance that you feel that everything's changed now that you're hitched and that there's no start to keep the adoration fire alive, at that point possibly you should discrete. This situation may influence you to consider couples treatment to settle your conjugal issues; notwithstanding, both of you need to concur and bargain with a specific end goal to have the capacity to spare your marriage and maintain a strategic distance from a separation.

4. Nonexistent sexual coexistence.

Marriage accompanies a ton of changes – some less lovely than others. No sex or scarcely any sex is a typical motivation behind why individuals wind up in separate. How might you keep the relationship alive when you're never again intrigued to flavor things up in the room? Loss of sexual craving and physical fascination prompts various issues. For this situation, you can either request relationship guidance and converse with every others; or take the simple way and get a separation. One thing's without a doubt – closeness is the salt and pepper of a cheerful marriage.

5. Constrained social changes.

At the point when there's no bliss in a marriage, one of the couples may attempt to change the other. Be that as it may, the change is constrained and veiled in a wide range of structures – feedback, whines, dangers, and so on. This is the formula for debacle. Change is ordinary in a relationship, yet it must be common. There must comprehend from the two life partners.

6. Loss of physical warmth.

There's a distinction between physical warmth and physical fascination. The sex may be extraordinary; yet there's a whole other world to a marriage than just closeness. You need to demonstrate your significant other that you're friendly, kind and unconstrained. Couples without a private association can't clutch a marriage. Everybody has relationship issues, however you should will to move past misconception and figure out how to associate with your significant other on a more profound level.

7. Contrast interests.

It is critical for two individuals who are seeing someone share normal interests. You don't need to be the same and do similar things throughout the day. Be that as it may, regular interests will fortify the bond both of you have. Generally your marriage will go to pieces. Clashing circumstances will develop, and you'll wind up battling about the littlest things once a day.

8. Absence of correspondence.

Correspondence is indispensable in a marriage. At the point when couples don't converse with each other and they don't express their conclusions, differences wind up unavoidable. The way to stop a battle is to settle on some standard procedures – each accomplice must be heard and feel regarded. From time to time, an outsider arbitrator, for example, an instructor can help. Correspondence seeing someone is the paste that influences things to work. At the point when there's no correspondence, separate is the most straightforward way out.

9. A lot of battling about the senseless things.

Hitched couples that don't click battle since they require motivation to get frantic and not converse with their significant other. Absence of closeness in marriage, senseless contentions and inconsequential errors generally trigger different issues that are greater and significantly more mind boggling. Typically, when separate is brought into the dialog, that couple's possibility of sparing their marriage winds up nonexistent.
Of course there will be alot of divorces and the reason is going to be obvious that it is because marriage these days is more of show off business whereby some people just want to get married to please the society

We should also note that many people tend to focus on the wedding ceremony and forget that the marriage itself is what is most important,these days we see alot of people focusing on how to do an elaborate wedding but they forget that the major focus should be on the marriage itself because wedding ceremony is just fora day while marriage is something that is for a lifetime and that ought to be the point of discussion
There are plenty divorces in marriages these
Days because of different various reasons
Some people got married for the wrong reasons
Or should i say they got married just to please
Some certain people in the society

Marriage is not a joking matter and it should
Be taken with all seriousness but we have in
Our society these days is that many people
Get married these days are just simply doing
It just to fulfil their fantasy of wearing the dark
Suit or wearing the white gown and walk to the
Altar,they are not getting married because of love

Some people hardly understand each other
Before getting married,they just want to get
Married simply because of only good sex and food,they think marriage is only about food and sex and that is why when such people get married they get tired of the marriage because they got tired of the sex and food
As these days there are many cases of love marriage and family is not agree with this days so due to the feelings of love couple not able to leave eacb other and they run away far from each other and the case of divorce occur.

If we go at major cities there are lots of couple who are not married doing many 18+ things which are very bad for them at such a less age so there are chances of divorcd after marriage.
Not getting compromised and running after egos is making a wall between couple.
Disputes are quite general in a family, but during dispute if one stand on peace and agree their mistake then problem is solved. The anger one would definitely regret for his anger sooner or later.
When there is yelling and anger from both sides no one gonna stop them. Lack of commitment leads to such kind of thing.
Additional to that addiction to something like alcohol would also bring in disputes !
Recently i was watching a television programme
And on the programme they were discussing
About the current increaed rate of divorce these
Days and they were asking what could be the cause and the first answer that came to my mind was that it is because people are now less patient

Marriages are full of ups and downs and are
Full of its various challenges but i believe that when the couple are patients and more tolerant then they can both fight and win over those challenges and even have the ability to get rhe happiness which they both desire in the marriage

Many couple these days are not tolerant of each other,many of them make marriage look like a war-zone where they are both fighting for the role of a commandant in the marriage and always want their own voice to be heard louder than the other and during this course they begin to feel resentment towards each other and the friendship they had before they got married now begins to vanish into thin air
Divorces is common in marriage right from the onset but its just that it is now at an increased rate

these days,the rate at which divorce is occuring in
many marriages is alarming and should urgently

be checked because so many broken homes is not good for the society at large,what i think

led to more divorces is because people now see being a single mother or a single father as the

latest trend which they should emulate and that is why even some of them want to follow the

trend but they had to get married because of the society and that is why such people won’t hesitate

to divorce quickly if they are bored in the marriage or if there any little crisis in the marriage
Well there may be many reasons for increased number of divorces these days. Some of the reasons which I can understand are the following:
Materialistic: We have become more materialistic now a days as compared to past.
Compromising: couples are less compromising these days
Ego: we are having more ego issues as compared to our parents
Demanding: our demands now a days are very high.
Flexibility: we have less flexibility in our relations.
Separation is leaving your accomplice because of contrariness with them.

For what reason do we abandon them?

For what reason do we leave anyone or anything?

Lets think about your case. I am expecting you are accomplished and work for a firm. You connected for this activity a few times back and got chose in the organization.

Everything goes fine amid the underlying stage. In the event that your advantage matches with your activity profile you've hit it right.

In any case, assume you were keen on something and your activity profile needs you to accomplish something different. Will you be keen on the organization. Will the organization benefit from your condition. A major NO!

This is the situation that has clashing enthusiasm of yours. There might be horde issues of individuals which is the reason for contrariness amongst you and your association.

This may not be an ideal similarity between two individuals but rather I get it gives you the substance of what I am endeavoring to clarify.

You require another organization and the organization needs another representative. The ideal match of intrigue will empower you and the organization for longer relationship.

This doesn't implies that except if you find what you need, you continue wedding and separating from your life partner. One favorable position of marriage over organization relationship is that you can date a subject of intrigue. That is an alternate case that even subsequent to dating the marriage may not work and the couple wind up separating.

Once in a while people change. Their needs change. Their interests change.

They separate. They wed. Once more. At that point separate. Again.Then marry...till they locate the ideal mate.
It could be for reasons of age, financial, or fear of being seized by others, some people tend to rush when deciding to get married. In fact, many are admitting that actually from the beginning they already feel that there is a problem between them and their partner. But they assume that it will be completed later after marriage.

There was a book published in America to stop these and had a great effect on this cause. Book is worth reading for both males and females, name of the book is "Men Are From Mars,,,, Women Are From Venus".