How do you bring people to your site?
Is it a good idea to pay for traffic to your site?

 NEVER pay for bringing traffic to your website! It will cost you money, it will hurt your SEO rankings, and your traffic numbers will fall down again afterwards.

If you want traffic, try these tips instead:

  • Create unique, high quality, interesting or useful posts,that people want to read, and even better, want to share and talk about
  • Share the links to your posts on your social media and other profiles (forum, Medium, etc)
  • Engage on those social media and other sites and make sure people can easily share your content too, for instance by using addthis.com 
  • Repeat
  • More tips? 6 steps to more links and traffic

Nice question well i have not launched any website but my friend has launched site and i was there in his marketing site as we use to market our site by google and youtube adds which shows in browsing the net. 

Yes it is beneficial for maketing our site as we can get more customers in short period of time and can get a massive audience by promoting our site from very major source of marketing. 

Social media is the best way for marketing todays world as there are more than billion of people using internet daily and today i think there will be very beneficial to get the mass of audience in our site for prompting our site in social medial platform like Facebook, Instagram, google, Mail marketing, youtube is also a good source to promote our videos in front of browser as this is the best ways i prefer to promote my site for getting majority of audience to my website. 


 Hi,  There are various ways to market a web-site .  I personally don't care for the paying method.  There are other things that you can do that will be more cost effective.  Such as submitting the site to key directories , easy tag to be indexed by search engines . The key words to your business type should be listed in the first paragraph , so it is picked up quite easily by the search engines. Expand your search engines for more exposure. Site mapping assuring that all your pages are linked. Do some on line research and decide what is best for you and your business.  There are many on line marketing sites that will educate you to what is best for your web site at a relatively cost low or no cost at all.  Good Luck ! 


We can bring people to our site with various ways such as:

1)we can promote our site with the help of YouTube and there should people who had good subscribers in it.

2)we can give our site in the advertisement and then they can contact us and they can join with the link we had given in the advertisement.

3)By giving adds on social media such as telegram,Instagram,Facebook and many others ways.

4)site promotion is necessary when new website is launched so we get good response from people.


1. Make sure search engines know how to find your website

Google can take weeks to find and index your page. Save your time by sending your own website URL to Google. The URL is your web address, for example http://www.yourname.com - pay attention to your website address when you are on your website to see what your URL is. You can also send your URL to the search engine Bing and Yahoo at the same time.

Besides sending to search engines, you can also register your web page in a web directory. Registration will have a positive impact on your device in search engines. The most famous directory site.

2. Use the entire potential of your email address

There are valuable resources in your email account, and you only need to use them. Send e-mail to family, friends, colleagues, can be a great way to make them aware of your amazing new site and get customers for your website. Email doesn't need to be long; one or two lines about the website and contain enough links.

Sending bulk emails is the easiest solution, but also consider sending e-mails one by one to people who are able to move many people in your network. It's very important for these people to be able to see why your new site can attract them to visit it and share it in their social circle.

SimpleSite also has e-mail tools that are very useful for you, On the dashboard page (only after you enter your site), you will find a link on the right side that says "Tell a friend". Press the button and follow the instructions.

3. Regular web activity = more visitors

Don't let dust gather on your website. Make sure you update your status regularly with new content. We recommend that you set several goals for yourself; Post something new on your website once a week, once every two weeks, once a month.

4. Share links with other website websites or blogs that you follow

Creating quality and relevant content is the main way for people and search engines to see your website, other than that, This is obviously going in two directions; Other website owners will also get the same results for their visitors. A link is easier to exchange if you write a small story, post or feature about their website - if they do the same for you.

5. Socialization!

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are worthy and very valuable to get more traffic to your webpage. In the present, they can be more useful than search engines, if used in the right way. Get used to making posts on your social media channels every time something new happens on your website.