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Why are passwords so easy to hack? ?

1. You don't change them often so people will eventually figure out the combination. This is true for eye loggers. 

2. The password strength isn't that high. You're using a combination for easy to figure out. Password: 12346, 654321, your birthday, a significant date you blab about frequently. 

3. You use a public computer. There is a possibility that the computer has an installed malware the records all passwords used on it. 

4. You unintentionally provided it on an unsecured website. 

5. The password is written down in hard copy. 

Most o the time, it's not really the password that is responsible for giving out the information. It's usually the irresponsibility of the owner to keep it secret. 


There supposed to be different scenarios on why some passwords are easy to hack.  But there is only one I can answer, based from my knowledge about Computers.

  • Centralized Servers - Most password are stored in a database, like facebook and twitter, your passwords are saved in their servers, and your password is saved from a 'string' converted into a 'hash' which stores in their database securely. But we cannot say its really secure unless your password has a different combinations and some random numbers. Example (p4ssw$rd). But then there is a loophole from the passwords being stored in their centralized server, and that is a (inside job). Most likely it would be much easier if you work from facebook or google or any types of Centralized server.

You cannot easily hack an account, unless their password is as easy as password123. It is also why Google/Facebook or from any other websites suggested that "You must put a special character, at least 3 random numbers and a capital letter'.


Who said it? 

I depends on the quality of the password, if you use random numbers like 123, obc, then definitely it's so easy to crack them,  To have a strong password you need to note three things.

- add numbers.

Well, to have a strong password you must include numbers in your password, but in a continuous way like 123 or 456, you need to make the combination of different numbers that you could remember.

- Add alphabets.

Combining alphabets in your passwords make it more strong, try to mix numbers and alphabets. like one alphabet and then numbers etc etc.

- add special character,

To make your password even more strong you need to add some special character in your password with numbers and alphabets. you can give space in the start or in the end or even in the mid of your password,

I hope now you got the answer sir @driplo


Actually passwords are not easy, the hackers are skilled. They are equipped with a lot of self built tools to breach in any system with some effort. The hackers are a kind of genius programmers and have challenging attitude.

They have tools like key loggers, RAT, Trojan horses, spidering, rainbowtable..etc..etc..

They use their knowledge and assumption skill for a particular account and try to trace out the passwords with relevant tools.

They breach in to the system and deploys some tiny non traceable programs which will catch and send all activities in the system to the hacker.

Hackers are intelligent enough to hack the passwords.