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How has musing improved your life?

Musing is a platform that based on steemit blockchain. I know about musing before 2 month. I am also comment on musing. I have already posted 20 comments on musing.

Musing is such as a platform where any steemit user can ask questions and also answers the questions. By giving answers we can get some information about known and unknown subject. Musing has improved my life. I like to comment on musing.io.

Acquiring knowledge: Whenever I go to musing first I see many questions and answers. And I try to gather some knowledge about known and unknown matters. Many subject that I don't know, so I spend many time on musing and try to know something special.

Finding out lackness: We post comment in musing almost everyday. Always our all comments are not exact answer. Sometimes we do something wrong. When we post comment in musing, if the comment have some lackness then anyone who knows about that matter very well he/she can add his/her comment in reply. In this process a group discussion can be held. By doing this we can get many information from all and can gather many knowledge.

Helping newbies: Everyday new users are joining steemit and musing also. They are unknown about steemit or some relative subjects. So they will be want to know about that's subjects. As I know about that subjects then I can post the answer on musing. When I post the answer on that question this answe is not for one person but also for everyone. By helping newbies, I feel proud of myself.

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Thank you for such a splendid question, I actually started using musing.io two or three weeks ago, and before now I've never answered any questions anywhere like quora so I didn't know first hand what it feels like to be on musing.io which so far has been more than a splendid experience.

I answer questions based on life, politics, psychology and even philosophy because that's my area of concentration.

Musing has Improved the way I present my opinion; I'm not sure if I knew how to be precise and concise but since I've been using musing I've read the way guys like @Francistagbo and other amazing authors answers or present their opinion on topics and I've since changed the way and manner through which I present my opinions and idea on questions, so because of musing.io I've learnt how to be appealing and presentable

Secondly, musing.io brings me fun, together with learning; when I'm not answering questions, I'm definitely reading answers and getting thrilled and entertained as well as educating myself expecially about cryptocurrency which I don't know much about.

Infact musing.io is an experience center where you can impact and also be impacted as well and I've changed my opinion on certain matters, learnt how to prepared dishes and other things. Musing.io has Improved my life quite positively and for the better too.


I have not been here for that long but the time I have been here has really been of improvement to me in several ways.

* Getting the confidence :    While answering a question it requires to get to know about that matter and sharing that knowledge with my fellow Steemians gives confidence and increases my willpower to go even more.

* Learn Continuously : Musing  is an opportunity for us all to learn and not only about crypto but all the things that are happening around us. Feelings, suggestions, food and many more. 

* See things Differently :  The Upvotes those really acts as a bonus and they act as a motivation to the user who asks or gives the answers. This way the user thinks a little different about the whole community of Steem Blockchain.

* Communication : The communication in here really increased a lot and users are getting to ask any difficulties and looking for solutions and there are users continuously helping each other too. Which is indeed the thing that we need in Steem in order to grow and make it a great community.

So yes Musing has  improved a lot in my life 


musing has not drastically changed my life, but it is something I have incorporated into my life because I enjoy using the platform. 

There isn't much I would suggest for improvements here, other than a dark mode. I really enjoy the layout, and ease of use.

If gives me a sense of purpose to know I may have answers to topics that may help individuals. 

It's nice to know my time and work here usually gets rewarded. 


Its educated and enlightened me. It's made me a better person by teaching me humility and understanding. Its given me the strength to know there are others in the world who need help in answering life's big questions.........

Joking aside, musing.io and other DApps are very, very important additions to the blockchain.  WIthout them we would be left with Steemit, which for the most part is a blogging platform about errrr Steemit, along with some other content which rarely gets seen and a load of people posting a photograph. 

The DApps have saved the Steem blockchain and their importance to many who love to use them cannot be underestimated. The future of Steem are the DApps and their users. Now we just need Steem inc. to get this RC issue sorted out and we can encourage new users to the blockchain, and thus to the Musing.io platform and its siblings.


Musing has improves my life in different ways. Not only me, Musing can improve anyone's life. To know how, please keep reading.

Musing is an amazing platform that built on top of Steem blockchain and it is a great place for anyone to ask questions and give others' questions answers.

Sometimes I want to learn something and I don't know where to go to find it or sometimes I do not find the exact answer of the problem I'm facing. I can easily get the answer from Musing. All I have to do is to ask question. That's it. Musing helps me to solve different problems and makes it easier to understand something.

I love to help other people if I can. You can help people answering their questions. Once you answer any question, your answer will be there forever and anyone who is looking for that information, she/he can get that from your answer. Here you have a chance to help not only a single person, but also a lot of people.

If you give quality answer or ask good question, you can be rewarded from @musing. Musing has an active and amazing curation team. They will find your answer or question, and if it is up to the standard, you have a better chance to get upvote from Musing. 

Musing is a source of knowledge. If you want to improve your life, you have to have knowledge. You can visit Muisng and read. You can learn a lot of things. 


Musing supports people who help other by answering their question. When you answer someone's question, you are solving her/his problem. At the same time you get reward for your contribution.


Musing has improved my life. To improve my life musing has contributed a lot.

When I got know about musing I didn't believe that musing gives a handsome Value of free upvotes. Then I was testing to get upvotes from musing for free. Then I was posted on a answer on musing.io and wait for free upvotes.

After some hours I saw that musing had upvotes me with a handsome value. Then I thought that I could believe on musing.io. Then I was try to get upvotes from musing but could get. But now I am on musing with a great inspiration from friends.

Musing is a platform where we can ask questions and give answer. If our answer is quite good then there will be a chance to get free upvote from musing. At fast musing can give only 4.00 SBD vote with 100% weight. But musing is now with a huge amount of voting value.

Now if musing give upvote by 1% of voting weight then there will be 0.29 SBD upvote. If your answer is eligible for upvote then I can say that you will get atleast 0.85 SBD upvote.

We need not to pay anything to get upvotes from musing but we need to create quality answer to others questions. Musing helps us by giving free upvotes and as a result we can sell the SBD or steem which we get from free upvotes by musing. By selling them we can improve our life. I don't provid my life because I am now a newbie in musing and I don't able to get much currency from musing. But I have a dream to improve my life By working on musing.

There are many successful member on musing.io who improve their life's by musing. And I think we all can improve our life by working on musing.io.


Cracking question. 

Until just under a week ago I had no idea that musing.io was a place to come to earn rewards, it was mentioned to me by @meno that this place was great to spend time answering question.

I have to give it to @meno I really love this place, I think people like myself benefit from it as I get writers block and sometimes can't think about what to post.

With the questions been there to answer it makes my life so much easier than having to think of something for myself all the time.

I have seen more interaction with my work on musing than I have ever seen on my steemit post I have also seen an increase in my reputation on steemit from the up votes that I get from musing.

I set myself a goal so by the end of 2018 I will be at a reputation score of 61 and my steem power to be 1000, by been on musing I am on the right track to make this happen.

Musing is great. and I thank them for the opportunity that they have given all of us on the blockchain.