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Has racism been truly eliminated as claimed by many today?

It's never eliminated, but people have to recognize it's not the Jim Crow South like it was in the United States leading up the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s also.  I pity (for a lot of reasons) the idiot that tries to use any institution government or even public sector as a way to oppress someone because of any of their racial characteristics or even genetic traits.  Racism will never be gone because hatred, ignorance mixed with the human nature of at least a slight discomfort of someone who may not look exactly like you or do everything just like you.  I think the first thing that people who claim there is a lot of racism in their life need to look at first is how do I present myself to people and also do you harbor any ill will towards people because of the color of their skin or their cultural make up.


I wish it was true but I see it every day. There is more black on white racism that is evident today. The problem is people are looking for it when there is none found and then use the race card at every opportunity.

Not everyone is falling for it now and is calling out the racists who are doing it. I live in a country that is torn between whites and blacks and it is not pretty. There are hate crimes every day and it won't stop. The problem is the people see color and they shouldn't.

No one can claim that racism has ended all over the world. Racism has many forms. It is not only the color of skin but also the type of skin tone, body structure, physique, height, color of the eyes and hair can become a matter of discrimination.

Discrimination is still prevailing in many other forms all over the world. Still many people hate or don't like those who belong to different caste, creed, religion, ethnicity etc. Also, the way of talking, way of dressing, way of worshiping and way of eating can be the subject matter of mutual differences.

Normally, people prefer the company of the people who have the same traits as they have. They likes to live between the person who have the same skin color or the same believes etc.. When people migrate to some other countries, they always find the places where the persons of the same community are already dwelling. It seems normal but it automatically alienate them from the people of different orientation. People feel safe between the person who are like them, Is it not equivalent to fear of different people? It is evident that fear is the starting point of rising differences, lack of trust and finally contention..

Sexual orientation of persons can make them unwanted in particular types of societies. LGBT community is still not acceptable in many parts of the world,

In many Islamic countries non-Muslims have no rights in comparison to the Muslims. Non-Muslims have to live according to the pleasure of the Muslims. They cannot practice their religion freely as compared in other Western countries. Also, Muslims are being seen as terrorists in many parts of the world and are being ill treated for the sins of some bigots. Is this all not racism>

In India, particularly in villages, high caste Hindus don't like to mix up with the low caste people because they think them untouchable i.e. person who is not worth to be touched. They have no rights to live dignified life in some backward parts of India. People prefer to marry with a fare colored man or woman there. It becomes very difficult for black girls to find a suitable husband in India.

In the USA, more black people are killed by the police in comparison to the white people. There are majority of black convicts in the US jails.

There are numerous examples which proves that racism has not yet eliminated completely from this world. It is still prevailing in many forms and in many parts of the world. With the rising global crises, this problem is increasing again. However, discrimination solely based on color is not so prevalent as it was many years ago. Success of black people in many fields have changed the mindset of people considerably.
Racism has been eliminated from the system i.e. the Government, Laws etc. I can say this as the laws, constitution and courts treat every citizen the same. A separate constitution is not written for Citizens based on their skin colour. If you go a few decades back this was not true, citizens were treated on the basis of their skin colour. Since the change of public opinion, equal rights have been given every citizen. Thus making the Government systems completely racism free.

Most of the society has changed and adopted people of all races but some people still consider themselves to be the superior race. Thus in the mind of such people racism still exists even though their thoughts and actions are not supported by the system they live in. In a few generations the number of such people will eventually become zero thus eliminating racism completely.
Racism has not been truly eliminated yet. It is true that explicit racism has been written out of our system, but after generations of differential treatment within a culture, implicit racism will still exist. To clarify, explicit racism is conscious and blatant acknowledgement of racist beliefs and implicit racism can be found in the unconscious biases that exist regardless of intent.

Everyone carries explicit and non-obvious, implicit attitudes that are a result of their culture, family values, peers, entertainment industry, etc. For the most part, it is not acceptable to be explicitly racist, so many have taken on implicit attitudes. Others have not taken into account the environmental factors in their life that could cause implicit racist attitudes, and lack the self-awareness necessary to counter latent stereotyped beliefs.

Explicit racism may come to end soon, but our culture has many more generations to heal these implicit attitudes imprinted on our communities after years of abuse.

Also, Check out Project Implicit. They have a test to measure Implicit Racism.
i dont feel very musing today but i'll try just one then

i think that's a very odd question, i dont know where you live and i have no idea who would give you that idea ... if you're talking legally i suppose in a lot of places "in theory" it would be, alas to the point where it actually incites.

There's an overdose of political correctness going on, trying to force things in shape and it has an averse effect.

I'll give you an example first : here where i live, its a social housing neighbourhood (it might not look that way to many but it IS a social housing neighbourhood from the seventies when belgium was actually rich) , which means you dont get many politicians or high-class earners living here ofcourse, which demographically speaking also gets more chance at people who have had periods of trouble in the past.
The prices are really great but based on income, a family with two working parents will still pay belgian rent, someone on disability or wellfare will pay a VERY decent rent, and the houses are more or less well maintained by the company. This one is bought, my parents bought it, WAY BACK, at a price you couldn't imagine today really for a four bedroom house, guess they got lucky

its way too small for me and zero privacy since you cant move five metres without being in someones back yard and when the neighbours have an argument i can mostly hear every word they say.

situation description heh

Now, since last year, people who rent and live alone have been getting notices : they have to move out or otherwise pay extra, which most obviously can't afford so it's a "you dont have to, BUT ..." situation.
Why do they have to move out ? they have to make room for people with large families. Now heed ,please , i'm not being prejudiced here, but we're talking statistics, the chance that they have to move out for a native flemish family with five kids are pretty small, i dont think the rest needs explaining.
This comes out of the blue, and some people have been asking for years to move out because the place is too big to maintain by themselves, people in their sixties all single or alone, or with mild disability. And now suddenly after getting denied and refused they HAVE to

make way



this is inciting, no matter what your local hippie or enlightened professor or politician says, you lay that on simple folk, it's inciting

i can assure you racism is NOT gone, if it was better before, its certainly not now

but thats just here and thats just one thing

i dont know what you mean by racism ?

usually racism means "white people hating black people simply for the pigment" right


there's plenty to go around on all sides i'm afraid, i dont know what happened to the american black panthers, i dont know if Kingston , jamaica is safe to walk around at night as a white dude , never been there but

"positive discrimination" as it's called has been giving rise to extremist nationalism, not just here but all across europe and i doubt its better in america since Trump lol

i got some more facts if you like :








just a fraction ofcourse, you never hear much about asia but i doubt there's no aversion there , distrust towards strangers is in fact a normal thing and people who abuse racism as a means of self-defense in some way dont make it better

even after they blew up brussels airport and the metro, shot up paris and a whole nightclub full of kids, muslims still make ruckus on how everyone should just bow down to the prophet and accept ZERO criticism on the matter, im not saying all of them, most keep silent. There's muslims here too, africans too, everyone keeps silent, no one threatens anyone, its the only way that works out.

Giving privileges to foreign people or migrants in a time when the country's going down the drain impoverished , as history has taught us many times now just breeds it

saying "it shouldnt be" is not going to help, claiming slavery 300 years ago is not going to help (by the way if you check belgian history on leopold and congo its not been much different here)

Its too much for most people, and especially the sharia-fanatics make people draw a line, a straight line between HERE and THERE, US and THEM, doesnt matter if you're not a muslim, you can be a christian african, the fanatics make it so you are THEM, not US (im not speaking about me, im speaking about the general situation)
People acting stereotype don't make it better either by the way, and once the conflict start neither of the extremes back down. I'm like 90% sure the next elections will go to NV-A again, they speak out against , and people really tired of having less and seeing governments give it away to foreign places and take in more refugees than they can handle while there's already people living on the street, poverty is alarming here, HERE : where the capital of europe is, its REALLY alarming

http://www.standaard.be/cnt/dmf20171016_03134647 (flemish article)

1 in 5 belgians is on the brink of what's considered poverty

the worse places het hit by the aftermath of 2008 the worse it gets




its usually not poor people who advocate "cant we all just get along" its people who lost everything and see their world crumble

that's a fenomenon you cant just "write away by law" but the lords of mordor in their high towers dont really see the people on the street on dirty matresses sleeping next to their piss from the 50th floor of their buildings

if you live in a place that allows you to think racism doesnt exist anymore id stay there, lol

so if you live in a place where you can believe racism is eliminated
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Ermm no.As long as there are language barriers,borders and ignorance.Racism will sadly continue to thrive.It does not mean that it can not be eliminated it just means there needs to be tolerance and efdective education of the masses to curtail the trend.

Racism comes in many forms nowadays. It could be that ugly person being treated indifferently or some ugly kid being bullied or even an elderly being disrespected that i still consider as modern form of racism.
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I feel that racism is not something that can be eliminated very soon from the current look of things, I am not in any sense being cynical or a pessimist but like I said earlier, from the look of things it may not be possible soon.
Firstly, one of the things that should help reduce racism to the least limit is football and the way most of the countries were allowing people from other country of origin to play for them was becoming very great but, it has not been a news anymore the way the fans of that country are treating those players now. Imagine, Mezut Ozil that had invested his life playing for Germany but he was seriously abused during the just concluded World Cup.
Black players in almost all European countries are being abused almost monthly.
However, I am excited for France for parading an almost black squad to the World Cup and from the support of their fans, they became world champions.