What's the best way or system to introduce steemit and steem to a novice ?

I think Steemit in istelf is a great way to introduce Steem.  I actually just did this very thing a couple of months ago when I was talking to a group of people.

A lot of people have a hard time wrapping their minds around the idea of blockchain and crypto currency.  They just can't understand where it comes from and how it exists in the first place.

A blogging platform though, I think a lot of people can understand and wrap their minds around that.  They can go to a website and see blogger or whatever in action.  Likewise, you can take them to the Steemit site and you can have them see what it looks like in practice.  

This person posts a story, other people upvote it, and it earns money.  You don't need to understand the economy and everything that goes on in the background to understand that.  

Outside of Steemit, I think the best way to introduce someone is to show them either the Partiko or the Esteem applications.  It is just a smooth interface and an easy way to view everything that is going on with  STEEM.  If they aren't that interested in blogging, you can get them setup with a Steem Monsters account by buying a starter pack.  

That is another great way for people to be introduced to STEEM.  Even if they can't understand the concept of cryptocurrency, they can probably understand the idea that the game cards hold value and you can sell those cards or upgrade and use them if you want to.

Those are a couple pretty easy ways to bring new users and people that might not be able to easily understand crypto currency on board.


There is no real easy way and best to get them to register first. Once they have registered you can then explain with a hands on lesson. Letting someone loose will only confuse them and maybe even give up.

I have just done this exercise this week with an old friend. He has been doing blogging already on another site ,but the whole reward system was new to him. I compared it to playing a game where you have to build up SP to unlock new levels. This was the easiest way to explain the Resource Credits.

There is going to be another follow up lesson this weekend so I should get him onto a few other things which I asked him to look at. i expect loads of questions which is great. He will remain on the site and grow as he understands how to grow. Understanding this is what will increase retention levels. I am sure you will see him on musing very soon as I will be showing this side in the next week or so.


Introducing Steemit and Steem  gets fun especially with the integration of DApps with diverse uses to enhance the experience on the Steem blockchain. Here are my suggestions on how to introduce Steem to people.

1. Show them love with gifts or free services courtesy of Steem

It's no news that though the price of Steem is low, users can still utilize their earnings no matter how small to impact others lives. This can be done through charity campaign donations as carried out by communities such as @sc-v @steemchurch @sc-g @sc-n, @adollaraday @YouAreHope @writeandearn, etc. After such donations, make bold to say that the gift or free service rendered was paid in full by Steem which could  be earned from Steemit.com, musing.io and other DApps

2. Direct them to get their problem solved using specific-purpose DApps

DApps such as https://musing.io/ https://dsound.audio/ https://d.tube/ http://utopian.io etc can be used for daily activities such as getting help, recording sound and programming respectively can be introduced to non-steem users to get their attention. Simply tell them that their tasks can be done in a giffi with those dedicated DApps.

Recently I had to explain a similar thing to one of my class mates.. As I was doing something in steemit he was sitting beside me talking to his girlfriend. All of a sudden he asked me what was this website and what I'm doing in it.. I became confused a little because what do I say. I don't fully understand blockchain technology myself.

So I used analogies that are familiar to him.. And it was something like this..

Imagine, facebook sudeenly said we are going to dissolve all our shares and distribute to our users and the amount iis depending on the amount of value brought to us..

Except they will never say something like this.. But suppose, one day you are walking along the curves of the internet, I literally ment Internet like the inside of the servers or something, and you found something shiny along the side of your road which you did not recognize. it looked like a block so you named it a block..now you wanted to show it to your friend and took it to his home. He saw that thing and liked it..And an idea came into his mind. He said" lets sell this". you asked "But how?"

He said we will create something unique about this, it will be directly exchangeable via internet without third party wallets. And every single one will be different and at a choronological order than the previous one.

What would be the unique factor? these will be limited and we will let people mine it from our mines and they collectively will determine the value.. And every block will be connected to the previous one by a number like a chain.. Hence the name blockchain.. And we are going to distribute it based on the amount of value those miners or our users add on our website.. We will trade them like "Shares". Not exactly like this but the idea about how Satoshi came to discover bitcoin is similar.

This analogy I gave was about blockchain. But when talking about steem You have to understand one thing. If you say to someone that if they write content people will give them rewards with their votes which are exchangeable to real money they will think it is like a ponji scheme.. Thay will be suspicious and wont understand. So gradually talk with them about how blockchain works, what blockchain technology is, what are some of the best crypto in market, how those cryptos have solid projects backing them, and then introduce steemit.. And all.. Its like preparing them for the big coming..And then hopefully they will understand.
This indeed is one of the most important questions of all. The STEEM ecosystem can be quite daunting. A few months ago, I set out to write "The Beginner's Guide to Steemit," which became a huge undertaking. I've completed seven lessons along the way that cover the main topics, including a "Quick-Start Guide" that someone can read if they want to get started immediately.

If you're interested in checking out my guides, I've compiled the links to the Steemit blogs on my personal blog at https://ethandsmith.com/steemit.

I think the best way of all is to connect with an established Steemian who can help mentor them along the way. There are many communities that specialize in this. One of them is @buddyup, which I encourage you to check out, and there's also a great live show every Wednesday on @ramblingradio that helps new Steemians get their questions answered!
What is the best way or system to introduce steemit and steem to beginner?
to do a real steemit work we first make an in-depth study of the steemit and that gap we make a tutorial on how to steemit for beginners.
1. invite to join community
this is a very specific and trategic way of trying to start steemitan steemitan in steemit.
2. seminar kit with steemit whales
this is a very strategic and competent step in steemit
they whales teach in detail in accessing knowledge to beginners