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Will you keep or abort a pregnancy that is,as a result of a rape by an unknown criminal?


It’s a hard choice, but unless we have the spiritual purity and fortitude of a saint, most people will opt for an abortion.

Even in countries where abortion is forbidden, I don’t think many people will settle for having that unwanted baby. I would not.

It is very easy to invoke the right of life in all circumstances, but I don’t think that the average person has the spiritual or psychological strength to deal with such a traumatic event. Those who demand the respect for life in all cases will not be there to deal with the traumatic reactions derived from the raping and subsequent raising of a child who may or may not remind the mother of the rapist, but who will equally bare the stigma of being the result of a crime.

I do not rule out the possibility of some kind of biological mechanism beings triggered allowing the mother to reconcile her trauma with her maternal instincts, but I guess it will be one of those things where we have to be there to see what we’d do.

If societies as a whole were more understanding of people’s dramas, it would be easy to avoid taking radical decisions such as abortion. In most cases, women abort to avoid being judged, especially if the baby is out of wedlock or the father refuses to assume responsibility. Imagine more serious cases such as incest or rape by a perfect stranger.

Ultimately the person affected is left alone dealing with the problem and the rest of society keeps going about their business, once in a while throwing some stones to the already beat up “sinner”. Thus, I would spare myself and my loved ones all those traumas and try to focus on overcoming the impossible to change fact that a rape was committed. That alone is quite a burden which most victims never overcome. We cannot demand from people things that we are biologically incapable of doing or things that demand exceptional qualities not every person has or is able to develop.


In an ideal world where I actually had control over my body and reproductive choices I would abort. Or more realistically I would have had a full hysterectomy to deal with my PCOS so I couldn't become pregnant in the first place.  I have no desire to be pregnant or what that would do to my body no matter whose baby it is, but in this case especially because the child would be that of a rapist. That child didn't do anything to deserve spending every day reminding me of such a traumatic event, especially while I carry it inside of me and the rapist doesn't deserve the satisfaction of knowing they get to torment me further with said child. I've heard too many stories of rapists suing their victims for custody, and here in the US even suing their victims to force them to stay pregnant because they have some rights to that child as well. Just all the nope in the world on that one.

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Who in her right mind would want to keep the offspring resulting from such a traumatizing act? And what kind of person in his or her right mind would demand that a woman should do that? I am well aware that there are people around who would love to have full control over and woman and her natural free decision to keep a child or abort the unborn. It is a womans decision alone what to do with her body in that regard.

And to come back to your question. I think it would be a grave mistake for a women to pull through with a pregnancy which is the result of such a traumatizing event. She would always have that in mind when she only looks at that child and there might be huge regrets after that.

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If I was a woman... abort.