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Can trust be restored, once it's lost in a relationship?

Trust is a very important factor when it comes to relationship.

Without trust, a relationship can hardly stand/work.

When trust is broken, it takes the effort of both parties to make it work. If you want it to work, both parties involved have to decide to make it work.

I and my boyfriend had a major financial trust issue but because of the love we had for each other, we decided to make it work.

We realized that we didn't really know each other. There was no time for us to be friends, we just bumped into each other, fell in love and started dating almost immediately.

So we decided to get to know each other again,

So, yes, trust can be rebuilt in a relationship but it may take a while and it may never be the same again.


Possible, if there’s commitment to.

Takes time and may not be easy, though.


It depends on the case. There are minor things that can make you question your partner's sincerity and can make you doubt him/her and there are things that can't be forgiven. In those cases trust is hard or impossible to restore. 

If you find out that your partner is cheating on you with someone else for years, I don't think that can be forgiven and trust restored in a case like this.  


Yes it can, but its going take a lot of hard work from the parties involved. Time is also essential, because the person who lost trust in you, will need time to really heal. They would want to see how true you are to your word. They might tell you, they trust you, but that will be to just stop you from pestering them.

Honesty is key to rebuilding trust, you must be truthful and sincere with your intentions. Don't go asking for trust, if you don't intend to be trustworthy. "Because once beaten, twice shy" they say.


It can but not the way it used to be. Imagine cutting a rope and then tying them back together. The bond has been restored but not the way it used to be.