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Is it bad for one to stay with exercising?

It's not always life threatening but it's better if you do. It depends on your BMI and your state of health. Exercise help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and paired with healthy eating can prolong your life with a few years.

Exercising keeps your muscles healthy and we all know muscles consume calories while fat doesn't. If you don't work out, you loose muscles, your metabolism slows down and your stamina gets weakened.

If you're overweight or obese, not eating healthy and not exercising, your life can be in serious danger. So it's better exercise regularly.


Good and correct exercise is a sport that is carried out regularly and measurably. Sports are carried out at least 30 minutes well and correctly so that it is beneficial for health and fitness.

Before exercising, you must choose a sport that you like, and warm up before you start exercising, also use clothes and sports shoes that are suitable and comfortable. In certain people who have disease, the exercise needed is exercise that is in accordance with their body abilities and not has an effect on the disease. It must follow the instructions of the doctor who handles the disease.

Exercise also must be considered the place, preferably in the wild while enjoying the cool air in the morning or warm air in the afternoon. It is not advisable to exercise at night. If you exercise in a closed room you should pay attention to the room temperature must be appropriate.

After exercise, you should pay attention to the consumption of water, drink enough so as not to dehydrate, and not recommended bathing after exercising. After exercising it is also recommended not to consume foods that are high in carbohydrates. Because this will disrupt the body's metabolism.

So in my opinion, it won't be bad for someone to keep exercising, but the important thing is to pay attention to the rules and not torment our body with the sport.


Yes! It is extremely bad for a person to stay without exercising as that will not keep him fit and the person might tend to be prone to illness at anytime.

Exercising yourself once in a while helps the body to stay physically fit. It also makes you look healthy and you do not fall sick easily.

When we exercise and make it a habit to be taking fruits consistently ,we look fresh and good in the eyes of others.

If we happen to be people who are always busy with work, we can take out time to involve exercising in our to-do list, by doing this we will be engaged in going to gyms or doing exercises like push-ups , indoor and outdoor exercises.

We have an accurate heart beat rate, a better blood flow circulation and we also build our muscular tissues if we exercise frequently.


in my opinion not. someone who continues to exercise will not be bad for his health. only if someone is exercising without consuming enough water, there will be a lack of fluid in his body. when the body has experienced a lack of fluids, a fever will occur on his body. the bad is someone who has never exercised. we know every food we eat contains calories. and if someone has never done sports, then over time the calories in his body accumulate. accumulation of calories will cause various diseases. like obesity, diabetes, increased cholesterol, and many other diseases. That's why sports are needed to burn calories. so that it can prevent an increase in calories. not only that, doing sports also has other benefits.