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Is there any specific role for a Miss World, what do they really do?

It is a beauty pageant, which makes it more of a contest/competition rather than a role to a country or nation, so whatever they do with their lives after the competition will be of their own choosing and not of anyone. So it is not as if the winners are given specific responsibility towards their nation or anybody these competitions are hosted just for the beauty and panache of it and sometimes it can also be used for branding purposes so people who are crowned miss world do not have a specific function and everything they do ends immediately the competition is over, although being a miss world can bring better job opportunities like a role in the movies or even an ambassador for maybe some beauty soap enterprises or business or company but when it comes to specific functions being assigned to them after they are being crowned then there is nothing like that of sorts.

So they may gets better job opportunities after the pageant but they can choose to decline or accept and they are not given specific duties by anyone this is because there is always a beauty queen year after year. The organizers are private investors and private individuals who have no affiliates 2 governments of various nations so as a result of this the people who emerge with the prize of miss world do not get any responsibilities that is compulsory for them as a result of the title they now hold the possession.

So to clear your doubt they do not have responsibilities that is compulsory for them to accomplish neither are there any specific role from other private individuals or from government individuals but like I said earlier the specific crown can bring them better job opportunities which they can take or not it can also bring them affluence with which they can get job contracts and nothing more than that so there are no specific duties for them from anyone


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