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Some couples look alike,Some don't, what can you say about this two set of couples?
Does it mean the couple that looks alike, were really meant for each other, and the other weren't, even when the two set of couples have spent 20 years together?

I think couples looking alike sometimes is a mental and psychological thing and I also think it has to do with the fact that people have seen this couples together so much it now begins to look like they look alike, I think it's more of something that has to do with the mentality and the mind rather than reality i do not know the reason for this trend but even myself I have seen a lot of couples who looks alike, however in situations where we see couples who look alike there is always one defining factor and this factor is that we must have seen this couple for a very very long time for us to actually start to feel and think that they actually look-alike.

I do not believe so many percentage of couples we look so much alike I believe the possibilities somehow seems impossible and very slim and that is why I think that it has to do with the mentality rather than this perception being true, the truth is that the mind sometimes can be very tricky and the reason why I seem to believe this perception is a bit shady it's because almost 95% of people I know seem to think that their parents looks alike and I believe scientifically and genetically these chances are very slim and the possibility seems not realistic that is why I think this perception becomes possible when someone have seen a couple together for a long time and they may start to think they look alike I believe it is their mind actually weaving this kind of image into them.

And for those who do not look alike I think they are lesser in number than the couples who look alike I still don't know why we believe that some couples look alike and some do not look alike but I want to believe that the reason why we think some other couples will not look alike it's because we haven't really spent time looking at how they look order they have totally different striking looks which can never be compared no matter how the mind tries to win it, for example someone with a dark skin and someone with a very bright skin may not be able to share in some very unique semblance because the difference is quite striking


Honestly, this bothers me too

My parents look alike. So much that you would think they were brothers and sisters. I wonder why that's so as I know couples that don't look alike in anyway.

However, it could be because they come from the same town.

I also heard that frequent sex can make two people look alike. It's probably just a joke.


In some cases, couples start to look more alike as their relationship increases in length.

I have been married to @emaferice for almost 10 years and I eventually picked up some of her facial expressions. Not only facial expressions but both of us influenced each other's attitudes - that might help us seem more alike and can bleed into our appearances.

I don't think it actually matters though whether a couple looks alike or not. It's just nice to look back and see how far you've come as a couple.

And if you look alike after 10, 25 or 50 years of marriage, that's just another story to share with your grandchildren 😊


- Photo of Couple (elderly) https://pixabay.com/photo-616718/


I have seen couples that look alike and I have also seen couples who don't look alike.

The belief most people have in my country is that when couples have been married for years, they seem to start looking alike. I don't know how to start believing this because you will hear elderly people saying the same thing ,telling you that when couple have been married for a while they tend to resemble. I am speechless when an elderly person tell me that.

I could believe what they have said because actually I have seen couples that look alike. About those couples that do not look alike, they were definitely meant for each other but I guess that's how it was meant to be.