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Who are the appropriate people to dissolve marriages, is it the court or the church?

Actually it's not proper and biblical for marriages to be dissolved by a church, if you actually got married in the church, they actually join people together in matrimony and they strictly follow the laws and rules of the bible whenever it comes to marriage. The bible forbids that a person divorces his wife and marry someone else while their other spouse are still alive. So there is no church that actually follows biblical principle that will be willing to go against the rule of the bible and dissolve a marriage. So the church does not dissolve marriages they actually prefer to proffer solutions to problems if couples are facing marital problems.

So the only institution that dissolves marriages is the court of law and you can only dissolve your marriage in the court if you actually married in the court, so you cannot actually marry in the church and go for divorce in the court of law this is because you didnt actually marry in the court and if you want to actually divorce your wife in the court even when you performed a church marriage then the process is maybe complicated. Now so it isn't about appropriate kind of paper who dissolve marriages it is the type of setting which the marriage is being performed.

The church and the court are two different institutions you can get married in a church but you cannot actually dissolve your marriage in a church however you can get married in the court and actually come back for divorce in the court so the courts are the only people who dissolve marriages and proffer divorce two couples who do not want to be with each other. So the scenery is actually very different from each other churches do not break or end marriages so which makes them the wrong candidates however the court of law does which makes them the right and only people that dissolves marriages