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What's the best way to discipline a child?

I think it depends on the child's age. The best way to discipline a child is to make sure that we listen to what are the reasons why they did what they did? Then we have to tell them without shouting at them that what they did is morally wrong.

The best time to discipline a child is when the child is still young and once that child reaches teenage age, he would still have those important lessons that parents have taught him/her while he is still young. Some parents just like to scold their kids without explainations. This would only lead the child to get confused on why they have been scolded. They do not understand what was the reason they have been scolded.

Another thing is that, parents have to be good role models. Children often look upon their parents to find what examples of behaviors to follow and if the parents often do something that is unethical, it would be learnt by the child. If parents want their child to be more discipline, it is important to pay attention to them and talk to them as the adults figure they would want to follow. If a child knows that their parents love them, they won't be too hard to handle as they would listen and know that when they need to be listened, they would get the attention. Sometimes, it is just the need of attention that they crave from their parents which they don't get enough of.

Having to discipline a child is not an easy task. I have been a teacher for about seven years and children are a different ball game as compared to adults. But no matter what, what I can see is that they don't know much about what the world is about.


The best way to discipline a child is to teach him God's word and make sure he sticks to it. Let him see reason and what he stands to gain when he is an honest and straight forward person.

Another way to discipline a child to me but this factor really depends on how old the child is will be by flogging him or her. Even though they is power in words and you can actually talk a stubborn child to changing. I grew up in a family where a kid gets flogged for doing wrong and because of the fear of getting whipped the kid dare not repeat his wrongs.

I have seen families where parents never have to whip their children even if they are naughty. That cannot happen in my house, the only way that can happen is if I have children who respect me and adhere to the advises I give to them, then I will not have to get them whipped.

But in the case where my kid does wrong and I get to warn him and he doesn't listen. I will not hesitate to flog them as that is the way I was brought up and I think it helped me in a way.

The fear of getting whipped goes a long way if we want to discipline kids.


I don't think there's any particular way that the "best way" to discipline a child. Children are different and what may have worked on one child may not necessarily work on another. To me discipline isn't a one shoe fits all kind of thing and I think my friends and I are living proof of that.

So I grew up in a typical African Roman Catholic family and so the concept of discipline was never anything like time outs or "losing TV rights", nope it was strictly on a spare the rod and spoil the child basis and my parents held true to that. My siblings and I got our asses handed to us every single time we did something wrong and even though it hurt alot most times, it made me into the man I am today.

Personally I don't think sitting me down and talking to me or preventing me from doing things like watching TV or seizing my phone would have done me any good because I was a loner as a kid and I basically lived in my head so none of these things mattered to me. Now a friend of mine who's completely different from me had the same kind of upbringing and now he's leagues away from being a model citizen or a good person for that matter.

His parents gave him the same kind of spare the rod and spoil the child treatment and instead of disciplining him, it ended up hardening him and making him more stubborn. Nobody ever thought to sit down and talk to him or drop the cane and look for some other way to discipline him and now he's almost useless because of it.

Well to answer your question, I think the best way to discipline a child depends on the child. Figure out what type of child you have, if he/she's the stubborn type then beating him won't work, if he's the type that you can actually get through to by talking to them or taking away privileges then stick with that. All in all, just figure out what works for your child.

I hope this helps.


Hello mrs. The best way to dicipline a child are :

1. You need to set the time for the child. The first you need to be a dicipline person before you teach your child because the child want to copy all your actions.

Then set the time of his life. Set when he or she want to take a bath, when he or she breakfast, when is she or he learning. When is she or he praying. You the point is set the time in the right place.

2. Dont to easy to your child. Let your child can do anything. You just need to lead your child how to so everything and let your child do it. For example how to wash the dash. Teach your child to wash a dash and let your child do it the other example teach your child how to bergain and let your child do it. So your child can independently do anything alone.

3. Make a judgement to your child. If your child do a mistake and he or she is not appreciate the time. Punish him or her with the punish that make him scare to do it again. This is so important to your child because without judgement your child will do the mistake again and again

4. Dont give him or her to much time to play. You need to set the time to your child that he just need 2-4 hour in a day to play. It is according to you at all as a parents

So thats all tips from me. Hope its help at all


1....Concentrate on the core educational task: .giving them input about limits - the necessities of nature. Begin with yourself: "I need this house to be spotless and clean, that incorporates your room." "We are constantly gracious in this house- - now and then I commit errors as well, however I continue attempting to be deferential of others and I demand that you do, as well. that incorporates me." and so on.

2....State to yourself: "Control is a decent word. I am showing them the discplines of getting it the manner in which they truly need it on the planet. Orders are those aptitudes, propensities and demeanors that assistance us achieve our objectives.

3....Try not to withhold love. Regard them as leaders, and recall that anybody attempting to achieve anything needs criticism on how well they are getting along.

4....Keep in mind that we all are attempting to achieve a larger number of things than one at some random time. E.g. As I am attempting to make a place of legos I additionally need to keep my associations with my Mom and other relatives fit as a fiddle. So to state: "Hello, that offends me or abuses my qualities is vital input as we approach our work on the planet. Grown-ups must demand those critical social limits or we are not setting up our children appropriately for the world.