Is communication also a factor to a healthy relationship?


Communication is THE factor in any healthy relationship. I am not much of a talker and most what has gone wrong in my relationships is due to lack of communication.

I am not sure how much biology plays in making the genders to divisive when it comes to communicating everything (which is what is expected in love relationships and partnerships), but despite some improvements, I just can’t get to the level of communication that would make my relationship perfect.

From a simple thing, such as reporting a long phone conversation (which Dave Barry brilliantly exaggerates in A Complete Guide to Guys) with a long-time-not-see friend, after which we may just say, “Peter called. He is fine, said hi”. To which a woman would angrily respond with a “was that all, what else did he say, give me the details?”, to more nuanced interactions regarding our daily activities, our plans or ideas and our innermost thoughts (assuming we have any, as Barry would say).

Women always want to talk, about anything. And they expect their partners to indulge. Chitchat is training for more serious conversations and to help establish common grounds and connections. Couples need to know each other as best as possible and most things must be communicated verbally. Speaking from my experience, some men tend to have a hard time communicating much. It has to be a psychological thing, since we can talk a lot on some subjects in certain environments. Thus, it is not about lacking the language or skills, but about the mode.

Unfortunately lack of communication can be contagious. Our partners can get tired of waiting and assume the same mode and when both parties stop communicating there is no much left in a relationship. From financial decisions, to parental ones, there is a lot couples must talk about, discuss agree on and plan accordingly. If communication fails, everything else will.


1...Communication is the establishment of each relationship. By one way or another, you and your accomplice more likely than not imparted before getting into a relationship. On the off chance that there was no correspondence, there wouldn't have been a relationship in any case.

2...Communication is in this way essential for each relationship that must stand the trial of time. It is required if there will be any type of advancement, harmony, love and even wellbeing and health.

3..Communication is the judge, the jury and the killer who gets the chance to choose the destiny of each relationship. So on the off chance that you get your correspondence right, your relationship will endure and on the off chance that you fail to understand the situation, your relationship will kick the bucket a characteristic demise.

Communication is actually everything...


Of course it is. Without communication you have nothing. How can you know what your partner thinks or want if you don't communicate? 

Communication is key, although it's not enough, honesty is as important as communication. 


What do you think? Imagine a relationship where a couple is talking to each other for about five minutes a day? What kind of relationship would that be. .

If two people do not communicate it makes no sense. They do not share opinions, the do not discuss and thus they are not really sharing their life. They do not even know each other without communication. Why would someone live with a person just as a decoration piece??!