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Were you able to achieve your 2018 resolution?

My 2018 resolution - There are some give and takes in this resolution 

A new life

The first thing that I had planned for when the year started, my plan this year was for my freelance life to grow. It was a challenging moment when I started out in my freelancing life. It was not easy with the constant worry about whether I could make it the next month or the months ahead. But I guess, god has always been at my side. I started out doing some tutoring classes and also investing bits and also driving for an E-hailing company, Uber but later it was bought by it's rival in SOUTH EAST ASIA, Grab.

Investment fund

I had slowly gathered enough funds to start investing again, Few years ago, i had been an active investor till one bad day, I lost some bits of cash in a few days which had me shot down for a few years. I was in the deep dark abyss for sometime before emerging again. 

no credit card resolution

I cancelled my credit card last year as I had owed too much money so I actually started to keep a budget and it worked out really well. When I had a credit card, I always reached out into the deep pockets of my wallet and impulsive made purses that were credit card related and it piled up like a mountain. 

This year, I have been credit card free and is in a net cash position. I have learnt to spend less cash on unnecessary items. When ever i purchase items, I made sure that It was something that was useful. 

House cleaning

I have been busy this year clearing out a lot of unwanted stuff around my house. It was a lot. I have probably made around more than 20 trips to the Recycling centre that is near my city. 

Passion seeking 

I have become a more happy person doing the things I want . I am somewhat of a full time tutor teaching kids all around my city to make sure they do well in school. This is my full time job now. I only work on average of three to four hours daily. Well, things are going well this year.

It wasn't always this smooth sailing. Things were pretty rough but slowly, I just kept battling and never gave up on anything and just moved on and on, never looking back. There is a few things that this year I haven't achieved yet. 

It's my gym regiment. I have been working out at the gym a lot for the past ten years perhaps. At this moment of time, I did not do a lot of workout. This will be my next year's plan. I guess, we have to keep looking forward and try our best. The next resolution that i am woking hard on, is to get a basic part time side hustle from the steem dapps. Hopefully one day it happens. 


My 2018 resolution was to stop procrastinating. I guess it was kind of an impossible thing to achieve because human as I am, I really am prone to putting things for later instead of doing it at the present.

During the first parts of the year, I find myself procrastinating a lot. I often make schedules what to write and blog about  which almost always end with me being disappointed with myself for not following my schedule. Also, I get so easily distracted. When my favorite show releases a new episode, instead of doing the things I need to do, I find myself watching the episode and start binge watching a new tv series instead.

However, during mid year, the procrastinating got less. When I started studying for exams, I really have no choice but to study because we have exams every meeting. So for me to pass those exams, I really need to stick to my schedule and follow what I ought to do for that particular day. Sometimes, I still find myself procrastinating but when my major exam was almost up, I got really focused and stuck to my schedule which made me realize that sticking to a schedule is very important and helpful in achieving my goals.

After that exam, I again started to procrastinate. Now, I am still trying to get back into making schedules and sticking to it. Well, we are works in progress so I just wish I could get back on my feet and follow what I am supposed to do. I hope my answer helps!



I had two main resolutions for 2018. One related to Steemit, the other with personal/family/economic/survival issues. The former I achieved it, the latter I have not been able to materialize.

For Steemit, I wanted to end the year with over 100 SP and a stable rhythm of weekly publications. At the moment I have a bit over 200 SP (no delegations included). I have been able to connect to some communities that have valued my contents and comments and have allowed me to grow organically. For that I am greatly thankful (I provided details of the specific accounts I owe a good part of my growth in this post https://steemit.com/castellano/@equipocardumen/equipocardumenpresentaalviajerohlezama-pp4a4v3swe).

My most urgent resolution was to emigrate with my family. That I have not been able to achieve. One of my daughters does not still have her passport and the Venezuelan government keeps creating all kinds of obstacles so that people give up the idea of leaving. They increased the fee to represent now more than a whole month of salary. At the current inflation, the average family needs some 15 minimum wages to cover a month’s expenses. That means that there is always a huge deficit to cover basic expenses, let alone extraordinary ones such as a passport. But the real problem is that even if you get the money and pay the fee, you still do not get the document. We had already paid for the previous fee and after a year of wait my daughter still has no passport.

We keep working on other resolutions while we find ways to circumvent the current obstacles. I hope to be able to succeed in both projects. I am confident that Steemit will survive this crisis and will allow people to achieve their goals and I am confident that our political and economic nightmare will end soon, either because the world finally decides to do what must be done or because individually we find ways to get away from this toxic environment.


Yes, I wanted to learn about crypto currency in 2018. 

I have gained much knowledge and met many new people in my short time here on steemit and other crypto related sites. I hope to learn ieven nmore and become more active next year. 2019 should rock.