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What kind of partner you preffer to have in your life?
What I understand form the question is you want to ask about the life partner.
One should for the following qualities in their life partner.
Trustworthy: no relation can be strong if partner do not have trust on each other.
Maturity: your partner should be mature enough to stand with you in difficulties.
Openness: partners should be open to each other.
Honesty: without honesty no relation could be last longer.
Respect: partner should have respect for each other.
Love and affection: Love and affection is the most important quality of partners.
Everyone expect for an attractive, healthy, well mannered, cultured, civilized, well behaving, educated, rich, skillful, wise, caring and humble partner. But apart from these characteristics, he must have a good character. He should have faith in moral values because without a good character everything is unacceptable for me.
I don't want a super rich partner but I want someone who won't be a burden on me. I can earn enough so I don't need his money. I want to see him as a self dependent person. He should be a good listener as I talk a lot. He should not have bad habits like gambling, too much drinking, smoking and flirting with girls.
He should be a loving and devoted person. I don't think there are too many such a man available on this planet.
The partner is male or female doesn't bother for me .if we are marriage then surely we go with a female partner.but in business we only go with a male partner who is always have time with us and also whenever we made a business seminar he always gives good speech.
So I mostly preferred partner in my life which can see my feeling to him/her and also he is always ready for me to helpful weather it is night onr in the morning.
Kinda funny theme too this time, I already have a wife, for me my wife ya figure of my dream partner. Apart from all the shortcomings, that's where I exist to cover it, ciyaaa ... hahahaha.

But, maybe when I was single, I also have a life partner that I desire with some characters. Eh not ding, it's really racist if you have to discuss the characters according to our taste. it's not fair if we have to have a life partner as we want. If it is different from what we want, we should change him according to our wishes. selfish is not.

Instead of love it as it is, loving it does not have to like with all its advantages, but also must accept all the shortcomings.

Well here are the things that occurred to me when I dream about the dream couple
Talk about criteria partner indeed is endless. Looking for a life partner would not be separated from the name criteria desired. Here I am trying to have an adult point of view the question of the consideration of the partner who will be chosen later.

We have to as a logical thinker indeed many using logic, much less for life that will live well. The following are some key considerations for us to determine candidate partner later demise.

1. Similarity of vision and mission is important because it concerns the survival of the future life of the bylaws later In the early stages of acquaintance, will usually ask for things pertaining to the future. The ideals, the dreams that have not been achieved, like to bekarir in what field, etc. For fellow nomads, very important know exactly whether to ' come home ' hometown and settled there, or allowed the family to join later.

For us, in the good of age is now no longer the time to mess around and desultory in strained relations. An adult will truly serious problem looking for a prospective partner. The vision and mission of life is the first thing into consideration because of concerns the life in the future. The same vision and mission will be very deyermineted decision to know further or not.

2. Who can collaborate with us looking for characters that can be invited to collaborate is very important. Because of there sense of love and admiration will appear, not by the order otherwise.

Most people find their life partner at the world around it. It could happen because those who work well, for example on campus, Office, or organization. Good cooperation to foster a sense of love is often called love in the location.

3. Who can make convenient and there's not much action of an adult will surely open up by giving more time to the couple, practicing to get used with and a lot to learn to know the couples because he realized life will be the same for forever. That's why we want the presence of someone who can bring a sense of comfort without much actual conflict is not important.

4. Get married also means uniting the two families. Because that's looking for a partner who could unite with her partner's family her family another challenge from a relationship is uniting the two families. Not a few couples who fail married due to differences of custom, habits, principles, or values in the family. Some have a high standard of education, the question of how much more focus on personal qualities, and some emphasise the value of religious. Well, generally we will choose.

5. A companion who could provide space for a passing hobby-hobbies one of fear after being married is not can have fun like the single altogether. fear of a hobby such as playing games, read comics, etc. because it is considered a waste of time by partner.

We really like that understand and give a bit of space and freedom for us to do hobbies-hobby. Moreover, at the time of early marriages that might be called a transitional period. By giving space to channel a hobby, will feel very comfortable because we will not feel our life be unfettered after marriage
The kind of partner I would love to have in my life is one who is trustworthy (I see this as a very important criteria), faithful, loving, caring, funny and matured and of course handsome(lol)
Characteristics TO Search FOR IN my future partner:

1. Development :

Out of wanted or ideal characteristics Development is a standout amongst the most basic, looked for after, severely required quality to maintain solid relationship on the grounds that your life accomplice will spend just about 33% or half piece of your existence with you and in this long, say,about 30 years or more than that long stretches of residency in relationship numerous a times circumstances will leave your control, numerous a times unforeseen occasions may happen and numerous issue emerge so amid that all the disturbed circumstances one need a reasonable individual around who can not just take the total control over the circumstance yet he/she can begin harm control measures.

Along these lines, development is most wanted quality in life accomplice.

2. Comical inclination :

The trip of life is too long and it is with bunches of contort and turns, you don't know on which street you will meet startling turns,twist,bumps and speed breaker and that turn will cause your upbeat life in a miserable story of disaster so in troublesome time like this you require somebody around you who can have comical inclination. Since this single nature of your life accomplice will change the whole circumstance and it is this quality which will limit your half of the torment, sadness or distress.

In this way, while searching for accomplice don't oversight this considerably more required quality, despite what might be expected give careful consideration on this quality since when you have funny,jovial, lively individual around you your life winds up living paradise.

3. Similarity :

According to the meaning of lexicon similarity implies equipped for existing or living respectively in congruity Or Ready to exist together with something different.

Don't oversight these characteristic in life accomplice since when you select somebody as a your life accomplice he/she not just share your room or house or bed however separated from that he/she share their identity so they should be in a situation to coincide, not just that in spite of having distinctive identity, race, religion, conviction, class, network and social contrasts they should be fit for existing or living respectively in congruity.

In this way, similarity is a standout amongst the most wanted nature of an existence accomplice, never overlook it.

4. Respectability :

"Whoever is imprudent with reality in little issues can't be trusted with vital issues"

Above statements says a lot about uprightness. Straightforward importance of Trustworthiness is adherence to moral and moral standards or soundness of good character.

Pick or select the existence accomplice based on his/her respectability since moral or moral standards are directing way in the seasons of turbulence, enticements and inconvenience.

Respectability is one of the significant issue which can't be thought little of while choosing or picking the existence accomplice. Uprightness is essential column or establishment stone of your character. The individuals who have honesty likewise has a flawless character in every circle of their life. You can simply depended intensely or rely on the individual with sound respectability and they will never under any circumstance let you down.

5. Shared TRUST AND Regard:

It is regularly watched truth that the individuals who are extremely close and dear to us are most disregarded or take it conceded sort of individual, since it is human brain research the more you get comfortable with the contrary individual the more you begin to mess with them and gently and gradually and relentlessly it limit the regard of each other.

In this way, while picking life accomplice be evident that how much regard he/she will give you when you truly require it, how much shared trust you both can keep upon each other.