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What is the concept behind musing ?

Pay users cryptocurrency as a reward for asking and answering questions, thus creating a repository of knowledge.

How to monetize it? By relying on a free Steem Power delegation from Steemit Inc, and having value given to the cryptocurrencies by speculators playing a game of Greater Fool? For some time, yes. Forever? Not bloody likely! One possibility is to release an SMT and buy the tokens back at a certain minimum price with revenue from ads on the website. Under that business model, which is the only stable one not relying on any unhealthy speculative games I can think of, the repository would have to be much larger and better organized than it is now. So, let's get to work and produce those quality questions and answers.  It will almost  certainly not be as easy to earn on Musing than it is right now ever again.


Musing is a media created to make money. Which will pay users by making questions and answering questions, so that it increases knowledge.

Musing is the definite step taken to change the world community in terms of cryptocurrency and the world economy.

The musician will also be able to help his users a lot in the knowledge sector, here it is ensured that every music user will be able to increase his knowledge.

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Your ability to put this question is the "basis of concept in musing" and my ability to answer it here in musing platform is an extension of that concept, so both the person who is asking the question and the person who is answering the question and at the end of day  getting rewarded for answering it properly, sets the concept of musing.

I hope now you understand the concept of musing. I am sure you knew the concept but unable to define that concept, so here i defined it and I hope you have got the answer.

A question-answer platform build atop a database network that powers the tokenization of content incentivization..

Lots of jargon there.. lol..

Basically its a place where people come and asks questions and volunteers will come and answer them. This concept is not new at all, Stakoverflow, YahooAnswers, Ask, Quora all does pretty much the same thing.

What makes Musing different is that now these questions and answers can get rewarded via the Steem blockchain. It's also much easier to run Musing as compared to the other platforms because the developers do not need to worry about database. It's all on the steem blockchain if they want to design it that way.
Where was the beginning of musing.io? Like Wikipedia, musing.io exists to make a framework in which a network polices, makes, and constructs content inquiries. Wikipedia is content made by couple of people, though musing.io has questions replied by any people round the globe