How can you define your Best Friend?
Best friends definations Meaning of friendship

Friendship is formed based on trust that your friend will not hurt you. We cannot live alone. We have many friends in our life. 

Best friend is always there to help and support you. And you always want to see him/her happy. You will be always there for him or her when he/she needs you.

When I say that best friend always helps and supports you, I do not mean he or she will help and support you when you are about to do something wrong.  If you do something that is not right, he/she will try his/her best to make you understand about that and he/she will take initiative so that you will not do something like that again.

Best friend does not have to agree with you always. But you respect each other and value his/her opinion. Your best friend loves you very much like you do. 

The question is how you can define your best friend.

Well, I just express how I think about my best friend. It's your best friend, so you define your best friend based on your thought.


Best friend means who are together in our happiness as well as our bad time. Best friend always supoot us in our any time without any dout on us. 

Best friend is also has trust more than anyone in todays world best friend is everything for me. 

Best friend is one who shares their daily moments and daily ups and down in life with us us called the best friend. 

Best friend is one who helps us with money problems and with even give us shelter if we need. They never forgive us there should be a bestfriend in everyone life to live their best life and make their life most unique one. 

Best friend is also male us happy in our life when we are left in our life and not an word to say to anyone at that time he comes and make us live in our life is the name of best friend. 

Best friend also can beat anyone for us and there should be a friend like bestie in everyone life. 


Best friend means the person who helps us at a bad time or when we are in a difficult situation.Best friend dont gives any excuse to us.

Best friend should not feel greedy when he with us and when we feel aline at any time he should come with us and dont feel that we are alone.

Best friend is like a brother from second mother we say because brother is always with us at difficult situation and also the friend who is always with us should remain with us aat a bad situation.

When we are happy then obviously he will be there but when we are in difficult situations he will there then surely we say him as a best friend.


Getting a good friend is beneficial for us. But as humans we must give something to others. something because we are getting better.

A good friend is a friend who makes us good people. But our lives will be better if we are able to make people good because of us.

Friendship Is a kind of relationship between two or more people who care for each other. But like dry resolution does not do the concept of defense in matches. A Friend will accompany you when you are bored and they will try to entertain you and they also look fun. Friendship Is one of the deepest bonds in human life that is forged through mutual trust, unconditional and selflessness.

Here Is the meaning of a friendship:
According to George Eliot, "Friendship is an inevitable freedom from feeling safe with someone,