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How to stop the wastage of food?
In party and marriage use to throw the food
A statistics say that every year more than 50 percent of the food that is being produced is wasted. There are several reasons why the wastage is happening. Few of the reasons are:

1) No proper storage or mass refrigeration facility.
2) People are careless and not socially responsible
3) People take in their plate more than what they really need
4) No proper option to dispose the extra food.

According to me, no food in this world goes waste. Even spoiled food is consumed by some organism or the other. This is in a larger sense but not practical though. So, if we find ways to overcome the above challenges, we will be able to stop wastage of food.

1) Mass storage or refrigeration is a problem to be handled by the country or mass food producers. Especially when food items are transferred from one country to another country this problem occurs. They add other preservatives to keep the food item fresh. This happens for both cooked food as well as natural food items like fruits.

2) People should be a little more responsible. When they are planning to waste food, they have to first consider people who are suffering to get even a single meal food every day. If every individual becomes little more careful before wasting any food, mass food wastage can be stopped.

3) Whenever you are attending a party or function, usually there will only be buffet system or mass food distribution. In such places, if you take only the food items that you really need, it can help in controlling food wastage.

4) Sometimes people cook more food in their house or in functions and will not have proper places to give the food. This is kind of a challenge to everyone. As of now we don't have a proper option to control this type of wastage unless you know where to channel the excess food.
I was just having this conversation recently! It is sickening how much food we waste and the consequence of the waste just makes me sad. In the US, we toss out about 150,000 tons of food each day. The majority being produce and then meat. Think about the energy wasted and consequence to our beautiful earth (greenhouse gas). It’ll also eventually effect the price we pay for our food. The implications are vast. This is a loaded question that digs deep into social fabric issues. The question being how do we keep people accountable for their waste? My thoughts on conserving energy is to cut down food portion size. It's a double solution, that can help the general populace stay healthier and combat waste. With less consumerism there will be less waste. At the same time, by product is also inevitable. Business’ as well as individuals should be mindful of finding solutions to recycle. Things like donating the food to charity, supporting sustainable business’ or coming up with innovative products such as the biodegradable spoon. It really all comes down to your own lifestyle choice and whether you care enough about your future generations to make those changes. I mean or in 300 years time, technology could possible take humans to the point where we can find subsistence in eating fried metals or some other ambiguous space food. So who cares? But for now, I’ll support the boring, hippy, green movement.
Food wastage is a bad habit which must be completely eradicated by every individual. There are many people out there who don't access to food just like you are opportune. Some people can't even afford to buy food. If this is happening, do we have to keep wasting food because we have it in excess?
Some of us do waste food unintentionally or accidentally such that we feel guilty about our actions.
Research has shown that there are several people who don't have access to food due to their state of poverty. I have once observed some people skeletal bones showing from their skin due to the lack of malnutrition and I am very sure you might have seen different pictures or people with the same structure. The question is if there are people out there suffering due to lack of food, then how can we avoid food wastage?
I will list few points on which we can avoid such an attitude. The points below are required steps to avoid food wastage

1) AVOID EXTRAVAGANT ATTITUDE : Consume the quantity of food you can finish. Always make sure you feed on whatever you can finish. Don't order excess food. Eat moderately.

2) STORE YOUR FOOD APPROPRIATELY: Always store and preserve your food when you are not ready to consume them. There are product or goods that can be preserved by just refrigerating, some by sun drying and many other methods. Always enable to preserve your food or goods whenever you aren't ready to process them for consumption.

3)AVOID LONG THROAT: Eat what you love to eat and avoid ordering for meals you don't like to eat just because others are eating it. Always be contented with whatever you have and avoid looking at others.

4) GIVING OUT SOME PART OF YOUR FOOD: There are some people who have excess food which later turns into a waste because they can't consume them alone. Try to develop the habit of giving. Give part of your food to the hungry ones when you have them in excess. This will promote love and reduce the wastage of food.

Let's always avoid food wastage and do not forget those who don't have the chance to be fed.
Do You want the direct through and through answer? it's impossible. Because the subtlety of malpractice hides in all of us, in our nature, in human nature. Wasting is just another manifestation of that. The most hopeless and depressing thing about this is that when you try to make people understand how wasting food is bad and how it could affect us all in near future they all seem to just avoid it or laugh at our attempt or turn the whole thing into a meme. For example, African kids could have used this bla bla meme... And if you try to defend something against a meme, well, you're social networking portfolio is done, brother.

Now to address the elephant in the room, how do we solve this,? before giving a pragmatic answer ill give you a political one.

Because of a fixed demographic demand in foods, all the harvest are always sent to fixed markets depriving the other markets and thus depriving the other part of the population. And the basic supply-demand theory comes into play by making people careless about storing food as for where supply is more than demand its only natural. To stop it some extensive research and focused awareness might be able to stop these specific criteria of the food waste issue.

And the other issues are dependent on peoples lifestyle and area of living. Like when you have excess it is highly unlikely that you will be careful about storing food. Though sometimes it might depend on the way you were cared for and fed as a child. But habits can also be changed through via morale development. Though its impossible to waste food but it can be reduced if we try individual or united.
How often do you eat out, how much money is spent just enjoying a cup of coffee in the cafe, how often do you shop and how much monthly money is spent every month?

If viewed one by one or even seen when paying some of these expenses every time you do it, then this may not be an extraordinary amount to worry about. It is still reasonable and quite reasonable, perhaps this is what will always be said to yourself.

But if all of the above expenses are added up in a month, then it might be shocked and a little surprised when you find that most of your salary is used up for various needs that are consumptive and not basic needs. In other words, it has done a lot of waste for various expenses that are not mandatory or not even so.

Things like this are certainly very dangerous for finance, where you might face a number of financial problems in the future. Not only that, it is even possible that it will only live by using the salary cycle to pay every month, without any meaningful achievement in finance. Or even the worst you may experience, where dealing with a number of debts and bills that value can make a year's salary run out just to cover everything.

Imagine how wasteful habits can become a big problem in the future, if not handled properly and from now on. Avoid and leave wasteful habits in the right way, so that finance can run well and smoothly. Consider the following ways to manage finances to avoid waste in finance. Whatever actions will be taken in finance, it is very important to have a financial budget first, before deciding to do it. Arrange an appropriate and effective financial budget, in which all the posts contained in it are truly balanced and in accordance with the needs and financial conditions (salary) owned.

Do not impose a number of excessive spending budgets, so you just cut a variety of other posts that are not less important in finance. It would be appropriate to make a tight financial budget, in order to reduce the amount of expenditure
Wasting of food means that we are wasting our own hard-earned earnings. We must buy our food items very wisely.

We invite our friends to dinner and make a lot of dishes for them. But many times we do not have to guess how much food is to be prepared for many people, due to which the food is saved which is thrown later. Wasting of food in India is considered to be a kind of sin because many people are starving and hungry every day because of which we are wasting so much food.

Because many times whenever we go to the market, we buy many things without thinking, which are later dropped. But now it will not happen because today we are going to give you some tips that will not ruin the food you eat.

If you are going to eat outside, then plan food, then cook it accordingly. And if you have cooked it, keep it in the fridge so that you can eat it the next day.

Do not throw too much-baked fruits if you have cooked fruits of more days in your refrigerator, do not throw them, you can make jam or galleries. You can also make a good disconnect from them.

You can make his pudding after the stale bread stale Dread is dried. By compressing this bread in the oven, it can also eat with jam or honey.

Keeping the vegetables in hand If you have brought many vegetables from the market, do not throw them, dry them and make their pick. Or, fry these vegetables and put them in the fridge.

Sour milk You can make cottage cheese with citrus milk, heat a little vinegar or lemon shields in the milk and milk on low flame. When the milk breaks, filter all the water and eat paneer.

Matter If you have bought too many tomatoes then do not panic. Make a powder by grinding it, then add honey in it and heat it well so that it leaves all the water.

This not only ruins your food but also the money you put on it is wasted. But there is no reason to worry because avoiding this wastage is not a rocket science. If you want you can get rid of this problem by changing some of your habits.
The best way to stop the wastage of food is to always clear our the fridge. Usually those who love to waste food always have a full fridge as they do not know how to manage food.

At parties, I don't think the wastage can be reduced. It can be minimized.
Before any party find out the number of people who are going on this party.
Then one day before having the party, get the right amount of people. It will drastically reduce the total number of people who may not have showed up.
Every year there are approximately 1.3 million tons of food that is wasted. The average leftover food comes from a production process error, the results of a food trial, inefficient food processing, distribution, even human consumption behavior, which can be categorized as waste. A clear example of food waste is that many people throw away food that is almost out of date. But actually these foods have conditions that are still good, not smelly, even though the next few weeks are entering the expiration date. In culinary businesses such as restaurants, this unpleasant phenomenon also often occurs. Abundant food ingredients, sometimes exceeding stock, are wasted. There were also those that were not sold out that day, then ended up in the waste basket.

In fact, often customers order excessive food, satiated, then finally do not eat other foods ordered. There are also some cases of customers who do not like the food they ordered, then are reluctant to eat it. Equivalent to one third of the amount of food the world can produce. On the other hand, the level of hunger has risen so sharply, that it has caused public opposition.

About 800 million people fall asleep hungry, and are looking forward to the help of food to fill the stomach. We must all be aware of this event. Saving the environment requires real action.
There are several ways to to stop the wastage of food such ways are discussed below:

1) stop wasting the food and buy the food how much you are capable to eat so it can be stopped by taking less good and if I want more I will take more.so from this it can stop the wastage of food.

2)By giving wastage food to the poor people.so for that any wastage in food we found in home or else we go outside than we should always gives the wastage food to poor people instead of throwing the food.

3)if we are in marriage and the person whose marriage is going on he should asked why this much food is going wastage then he should tell immediately that we are going for giving food to animals.

4)wastage of food can be controlled by helping poor people and help them by giving remaining food.
There are many ways you can stop the wastage of food. Whenever you are going to cook food countdown the number of people will have that food and cook the exact amount of food for those people. Sometimes it will not be accurate but you can surely save some food of being wasted. Make a list before cooking any food this the best way to save some foods from wastage. Whenever you go shopping at the vegetable shop or other shops, try to buy a small amount of that vegetable or other cooking items, in this way you can save some food because it will make you more conscious about food wastage. I will suggest you buy weekly vegetables, then it will have less percentage of being spoiled. Serve people with less food and let them ask if they want more food. If any food is left over don't throw them put them on the freezer. Try to maintain a routine of taking food. You can make a list of which food you want to have on which day. And be careful of feeding the children.
I believe to a large extent you can't stop the wastage, as most people will take more than they can eat or food they don't actually want and waste it.

What you can do, is reduce wastage to the nearest and you an achieve this by carrying out portion control. Yes, some of the guests might not be full, but this is a way better option than wastage.