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What is your favorite food since childhood?

I don't have a favourite food because I hate to repeat foods. It gives me a sick feeling but i've come to love and still love Tea with bread. It has been my first since forever. I could take it hot or cold and at any time of the day. If it comes with egg or sandwiched, it's even better. I so love this food combination for several reasons.

1. It's the simplest food in the universe to prepare. Unlike most food commonly eaten by the people of the world, this takes the less effort in preparation. You don't need to be a skilled cook to know how to make tea. (Lol)

2. It requires the least possible resources. A good loaf of bread is not so expensive neither is beverages except for those that are specially recommended by a doctor. Although I don't know of any.

2. I am not a Foodie as a result, I find it difficult to sometimes induce appetite. Not with tea and bread. Usually, I eat with a food time table. I always look forward to the days I'd take tea with bread and egg if possible.

3. It saves time. I grew up In a home where everyone was in a hurry to go out in the morning. Either to office or to school. And every morning I have to prepare breakfast and lunch so the kids will have something to take with them to school since they will be staying for extra lessons after normal school work is over. I found out that it was just convenient to have tea for breakfast so I could focus on something else that would demand more time and focus for lunch.

4. Its belly filling yet light. A lot of persons can't have tea as a main course. They call it appetizers because it is light and since it's liquid, there's every tendency for one to pass it out as urine and feel hungry within minutes or hours. Its not the case for me as I could have tea for breakfast and may not be needing another meal till evening. It can take me all day.

5. A good start for the day. Because of the numerous vitamins and minerals contained in tea, it's a great booster to start the day. It stimulates the mind too, preparing you for the day ahead.

6. It is a light meal. A lot of persons feel heavy after taking a heavy meal and may want to sleep. Imagine a student beginning a day with a heavy meal, it's crystal clear that he may not be able to do much productively that morning as he will be feeling either too heavy, tired and as such might not be able to pay attention to morning lectures. For people who are not so accustomed to taking breakfast, this is just an easy way to start.

7. Tea for me is an anti-stress. It relieves one of stress because of some anti-stress compounds contained in it. Coffee too has this property. About two years ago, I embarked on a very stressful trip. When I finally arrived my destination, I was too tired to do anything. I just wanted to shower and sleep. After shower, I was encouraged to take tea. I took a mug full with reluctancy. Few minutes later, I observed that the feelings of stress and tiredness had evaporated. Before I took the mug, I really was feeling sleepy. By the time I had gone mid way, I was ready to sit a while and watch TV.

Tea especially when combined with bread is my first magic for the day. My tranquilizer for the night. The only time I don't take tea is when I'm in my periods. I try as much as possible to avoid sugary substances to prevent excess abdominal pains. People think I'm not normal when I talk this way about tea. It's cool not to follow the crowd. Abnormal is still okay.

So let's hear yours. Which is your favorite food and why?


It has to either be pizza or tacos.  There is just something about them that always makes me hungry when I think about them.

If you really think about it, pizza is actually the perfect food.

The food pyramid can be broken down into sections, breads, fruits and vegetables, dairy, and meats.

If you get the right toppings on a pizza, you can have all of that.

Let's look at a standard pepperoni pizza...

The bread/grain group is the crust of course.

The meat group is the pepperoni

The dairy group is the cheese

Finally the fruit/veggie group is the tomato sauce.

Tacos are much the same way.

The bread/grain group is composed of the shell

The meat group is the taco meat be it fish, beef, chicken, etc.

The dairy group is the cheese you put on the taco

Finally what is a taco with out pico or lettuce.  That is your fruits/veggies.

I think because they are such complete meals is part of the reason pizza and tacos have been my favorite food since I was a child.  Plus they taste awesome too!


 The one that surpasses all the food for me, since always, it is the good bread fresh and crispy / crunchy. Often the bread accompanies the dishes, the cheese, the charcuterie, etc. For me, it was rather the opposite ... until I fight against my tendency to eat too much carbohydrate.

Besides, I often made brushettas. I bring so much! And, I'm having fun finding new compositions. My  entourage was amused to see it and I told them that one day I will open  a small restaurant whose culinary theme is bruschettas. ;)

Then there is salmon. The  day I discovered salmon sashimi (slices of raw salmon) ... my love for  salmon increased tenfold so that I could eat raw salmon at every meal  until I could not do it anymore. Raw sea bream and tuna are also delicious.

Shrimp and prawns come after the salmon. I would eat like crisps to explode the bum just for their texture firm under the tooth while being juicy.

Finally, the cheese by reserving a special hedge of honor for cheeses made from goat's milk. 


Pizza. I've always liked it and I always will.


I'm someone who love's so many foods, it's hard to pick a favorite, but when you asked, bacon came to mind :)


My favourite food since childhood has always been friend plantain and eggs. The taste gives me pleasure. Yummy


Chocolate. I love the stuff. It is like crack to me.