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How beneficial is musing.io in your life ?
Can I get some real life ceases why musing.io is good or beneficial in your life?

 When people ask question here on Musing, that is related to real life. It is imaginary question. You asked this question because how musing.io is beneficial in your life.

We face many problems in life. If there is a problem, of course there is a solution. You have to find out the solution. If you don't find what you want, you can sign in Musing ans ask question. You will get answer quickly and start doing your thing.

If new Steemian is good at creating content, honestly speaking, it is difficult to get attention on Steemit. I know my struggle on Steemit. A new Steemian can easily show her/his skills and answer questions here on Steemit. And you can get big upvote from Musing itself. It is the big advantage of a new Steemian. I wish we had Musing when I joined Steemit. Then I would do much better what I do today.

I don't know any other platform where you can be rewarded for asking question. The biggest reward of a question is to get the answer. The good  thing is, you can even get upvote on your question on Musing. 

Musing is a great platform that benefits every Steemians whether you are a new Steemian or experienced Steemian.


Well it is kind of nice question to get into. 

As of now many things have changed after I started to give my time in Musing and over the past few days it sure is getting better and better everyday.

While Musing is taking one of the crucial part of my day. So I am giving it a lot of importance in my life as well. I am investing my time in here and by doing so i am able to help users with my share of knowledge. So I am able to do good to others with my words. 

While as when it comes to rewards, it is indeed a crucial part the time that I am giving in Musing and answering question and in return Musing upvotes the best answers that I give to the questions which is indirectly helping me in my life. 

I use STEEM/SBD  as one of my payment in my life so when Musing upvotes an answer of mine it is literally helping me in my daily activities with both financially and  also  allowing me to grow in Steem Blockchain as well. Moreover they are not taking any beneficiary reward unlike other another dapps.

Which is why I like to be here and invest my time and take the best out of it.


I'll be very honest and share my views on how musing has been beneficial in my life so far.

- Gain Knowledge - Apart from earning via musing upvotes and other upvotes the other benefit I get is the knowledge and I'm a strong believer of knowledge is Power. On musing, we have all sorts of people from various backgrounds, culture, countries, and reading through their questions and answers gives a person different perspectives of thinking, options to explore and the knowledge gained from the reading the answers. This overall helps in enhancing the knowledge.

-  The answer to my questions -  I'm not able to find an answer to my question and need an immediate answer I know that within seconds I would get a reply from one of the community members. It's amazing to people from different countries contributing and providing their valuable inputs. 

So, I know where to go when I need an answer to my question quickly. The best part is that you get rewarded as well when you ask a question.

- Grow your Steem Portfolio - Extra earning in terms of Steem Power and SBD -  I joined musing almost a month back and ever since I see my portfolio growing. Sticking to the principal and following the platform guidelines gives you the equal opportunity to earn and grow your portfolio.

Will conclude - Portfolio enhancement, gaining knowledge and getting an answer to my questions in the fastest manner and at the same time earning for questions and answers has ultimately resulted in musing beneficial to me in my daily life.


I think musing has some real benefits.  You just need to look past the main reason that a lot of people are here.  

I think we can all attest to the fact that musing is very generous with the delegation that they have been given and getting an upvote from them can be a big deal if you are an especially small account. 

For example, just by answering a couple of questions on musing, I can sometimes make more in rewards in one day than I do in an entire week.  When you take that into account, I think it is pretty obvious how musing.io benefits me.

The same is true for many others on the platform.  My wife for example has not posted a single blog.  That just isn't her thing.  She doesn't mind answering questions though.  She is slowly growing her Steemit account by spending a little bit of time on musing every day and being selective about the questions that she answers.  

On the flip side, I have also asked several questions on musing that I have gotten some valuable feedback on.  For me that is a huge benefit.  I  am going to write a post about it tomorrow in fact.  

When you think about it, I have people from all walks of life, all nations, all different backgrounds right at my fingertips to answer any question that I might think of.  The way someone responds in one part of the world might be totally different from the answer of someone in another part of the world.  That is awesome to me.  

Being able to draw knowledge and experience from a global community is where the true value of musing lies.  Sure the upvotes are nice and it is something tangible that we can measure and gauge, but the intrinsic value of answer is where the real benefit is in my opinion.


Hmmm, musing..... Well, its been two months now and i can say that musing has been of great help to me.

Firstly, financially. The income from musing has aided in taking me to camp and also funded my stay here. Its been quite a dream. Yhe food here is less than crap so the income from musing has been of great hep to me with eating out and doing laundry also.

Secondly, it had increased my understanding on somethings i did and did not know. The questions some people ask here are most often than none, mind boggling. The fact that i have to research and read and also share personal experiences has got to be one of the most amazing experience and its been worth every second of my time.

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I would say musing.io has been a blessing to my friends and I decided to give it a full dedication because of what I am seeing. I have observed that ordinarily a lot of people would have left steemit but musing has been a source of hope to alot of steemian because the bear and no upvote is coming forth but musing is still supporting others


 Musing.io is the best website I have ever seen after steemit and steemhunt this is also an amazing site for me. Personally, i really love Musing because there is an available answer of every type of question. I specially like Musing because there is thousand of a question and answering we can find here.

I would love to pass time here to reading the answering of other members. I like to read to others thinking. I like positive thoughts so I always cuious to know how peoples are such a behave like positively. They answe each of every question in the positive way.

So i like to using this site because this is gives you a best oppertunity to solve any question here ask to other peoples. This is a pleasure for me to I have spend my time here. have a good time all of you here. God blessed you.   




I love it since I came to know about this site. I'm regularly using it for answering to the outstanding thought-provoking questions. This way I also learned a lot because I don't know what I have in my mind. It's a cool feeling! :)

Musing doing these things that's why I love this site

An Encyclopedia: Musing is an Encylopedia for me where I can get every type of solution. It enriches me in knowledge. 

Earning: We can get solid earning in the form of STEEM. Who doesn't love STEEM? We all like to have a tremendous amount of steem in our wallets. We can get a nice vote against our answers. Its a Win-Win Platform.

I wrote many answers but I hardly get an upvote from MUSING but still I do love it. 'll continue to make more comments. 


I think one of the most beneficial points about musing is that, it increases privacy when you answer questions and answers come from all over the world with one standard language here that is used which is English which creates a united community.

It also allows users to really dig into the cranial nerve somewhere to find out what some answers can be when they answer tough questions. If those answers are worth something, it can be up voted(when people press on the up vote button) next to your answer, then there is a sense of joy to accumulate some cryptos which I am sure are going to go into the main stream in the future. Steem can be changed into bitcoins too.

It is a no bs place that you can learn lots of new things. It's a bit like a question dictionary and I am not sure if one day the amount of questions imagine hits a million. Or a billion. The last few months I have seen an increase of questions by a four fold.


musing is beneficial in many ways in my life. 

It's helped me with the ability to provide a service of answering and asking questions, where I'm able to monetize my abilities, in a productive way, that is helpful to others. It's a very pleasant feeling I derive from my time here on musing, and I try my absolute best to provide the very best content that I can produce. I take it very seriously.

musing has also helped me see a brighter outlook for the future of the Steem blockchain, by implementing what I feel, to be an amazing platform with huge main stream appeal, and further potential. I think the best has yet to come.  


At the point when individuals make inquiry here on Musing, that is identified with reality. It is nonexistent inquiry. You made this inquiry since how musing.io is useful in your life. 

We confront numerous issues throughout everyday life. In the event that there is an issue, obviously there is an answer. You need to discover the arrangement. In the event that you don't discover what you need, you can sign in Musing ans make inquiry. You will get answer rapidly and begin doing your thing. 

On the off chance that new Steemian is great at making content, sincerely, it is hard to get consideration on Steemit. I know my battle on Steemit. Another Steemian can without much of a stretch demonstrate her/his aptitudes and answer inquiries here on Steemit. Also, you can get enormous upvote from Musing itself. It is the huge preferred standpoint of another Steemian. I wish we had Musing when I joined Steemit. At that point I would improve what I do today. 

I don't have a clue about whatever other stage where you can be remunerated for making inquiry. The greatest reward of an inquiry is to find the solution. The good thing is, you can even get upvote on your inquiry on Musing.


I feel like I am in love with musing. In my region winter is coming and even since I got to know about musing I am just feeling like I am dating musing to the core of my heart. I am not kidding nor joking, that is a truth what I am saying.

Musing is not only changing the value of my life but also many people here are getting benefited through musing and more people are joining, the numbers are increasing and the questionair also increasing, so it is a moving vehicle now where all the musers are onboard right now and musing is taking care of us, because we are spending time here, browsing different questions, trying to answer then and sometimes we are also putting our question and people are responding to it. In not all that amazing happening here.

I will always say musing is the best application on steem blockchain becuase of the following upside of it:

  • Ease of use, absolutely user friendly interface
  • Musing interface is very fast too
  • All important tags right at the left of the screen
  • Very concise Q&A portal
  • option of sharing with other social media like facebook or twitter