What are some challenges you think the next generation will face?

Basically I think before I can highlight this question I want to state one problem of this generation and that is the craze of social media, I think the social media of nowadays is not allowing this generation to establish a cultural setting, a normal real life of true friendship where people can enjoy a natural friendship, companionship without having to bother to share the information to the prowling eyes of the social media.

The generation of nowadays do not know what it means to stay without the comfort of social media, they sacrifice everything true in their naturalness in other enjoy the false companionship that the social media provides.

This will be a problem for the next generations because they will not know the true meaning of companionship, the influence of this generations will influence the coming generation and they may blend in to the path that this generations has left them.

Secondly the next generation will not be able to understand the difference between cultural customs and traditions of their roots, for example in Africa, customs, norms and culture of the ancestors are gradually going into extinction as a result the influence of westernized culture, the way of dressing, historical facts, artifacts and even precedents of the previous generation that may be useful to the next generations.

The next generation will be ignorant of cultural practiced which I think is useful part of mankind as a result of the influence of modern westernization.


Lack of privacy since surveillance is becoming more ubiquitous. The next generation may not even understand the true importance of privacy.

The concept of how to do research. Not being able to know how to use public library resources or even seeing a need to go to a public library or city records since the default is becoming using only an internet search engine.