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What quote or saying do people spout but is complete BS?

This question got me thinking for a while and after hours spent thinking on it and being unable to come up with anything, I realized that for the most part I seem to agree with most of the popular sayings.

I mean when you come to think about it there IS a reason they're popular, right? I doubt they'd be so common in the first place if there wasn't at least some truth to them that a lot of people are able relate with.

While I was answering a question earlier though I stumbled upon a saying that I can say I don't FULLY agree with. And this is the popular saying that:


I should start by saying that I totally understand why people say this and what they're driving at, but I can't help but feel that whoever came up with this is a tad bit guilty of grossly exaggerating just to drive his point.

This point being that when you have an opportunity you should try your all to seize it right at that moment. To make us understand just how imperative this is--that we grab it at the moment--the inventor of this saying chooses to tell us that without seizing it, there and then, it will NEVER come again--which is very false.

Opportunities do come again. And even better. Opportunities missed might in fact turn out be an opportunity to get an even greater opportunity. You may miss an appointment and feel bad and almost kill yourself just because you feel it might never come again, only to get an even greater offer the next day and be glad that you hadnt tied yourself down with the previous one.

Which is why I say there really is no blueprint to life. We try our bests to come up with this watchwords and tenets that drive us, only to act as a GUIDE to our actions. they're not something that should be seen as ABSOLUTELY true and ABSOLUTELY the same in every given scenario.

If anything what should be taken from that saying is to try our bests and do everything in our capabilities to make sure we seize our opportunities when they come, but it will be totally unadvisable to give up or throw in the towel just cause of a missed opportunity.

Related to this is the saying that opportunity lost can never be regained. This might be true to an extent. That is, once you lose an opportunity you may never get THAT SAME opportunity again. Fine. At least this one isn't trying to generalize by saying ALL your opportunities can never be regained. What it's just saying is that a particular opportunity lost can never be regained, but perhaps a better one could come--or not.

Which, again, I repeat, doesn't mean you should relax and sit languidly waiting for another opportunity to come. Try your bests to seize that one and even if you fail you'll be satisfied with that knowledge that you did.

As a conclusion, anyway, I'd like to say for me the best version of this sayings I like enough to repeat myself is the one that says:


This is true in almost every cases. It may come again, it may never come again, butwhenever it does, an opportunity is never going to wait for you to stop snoozing before it leaves!



Lambo or Bust

I hate this saying, It's the crypto/millenials equivalent of the 1980s Gordon Geckos 'greed is good' speech and to me signifies all that is wrong with the Crypto movement in general.

It seems that in 30 years, human attitudes have changed very little, that greed is still the over-riding human emotion, surpassing humility and pushing economic growth over everything.

Instead of the mighty dollar, its the mighty bitcoin. Instead of greedy bankers, its greedy techies but the result is the same and both are just two sides of the same coin.

I want to see crypto empower people, generate wealth for the impoverished and help to create a fairer society for all. Removing central banks and all the middle men controlling, legislating and taking their cut and I truly believe that were the pure origins of Bitcoin and Crypto. Sadly though its been hijacked by the greedy and whilst thismis the case, I sadly dont think mass adoption and the ultimate aims of crypto and a tokenised society will be achieved.

Whenever i hear 'Lambo or bust' I want the bottom to drop out of the markets, the traders and plahers to quit with their tails between their legs and for it all to start again.

Great question :-)


Where I'm from when a girl has been dating a guy for a while and her mom knows about it, the mother will tell her daughter to frustrate the dude to see how far he will go. They do it and keep frustrating the guy until he flips and does something out of anger. Then the girl says that he's not good for her because of it. I mean, you're the one that pushed him to the edge and now he's at fault for blowing a fuse? But to the women it's logical and it's the right thing to do. It has to be the dumbest saying I have ever heard in my life


Humans only use 10% of their brain.

This is an absolute scientifically proven myth. Doctors over a century ago noted that head damage and trauma patients could still function relatively normally so they assumed that humans could live with 10 percent of the brain. Modern science now knows that the brain does a great job of rewiring neurons to compensate for damage. We can map brain activity and it's been proven that over time nearly 100 percent of the brain is used, with different parts going through cycles of activity. Despite this popular media still keeps repeating the same 10% myth like it is a fact.

Just hearing that myth being repeated makes me want to telekinetically hurl the person saying it across the room. It's that annoying.


If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best

That's easily the most ridiculous quote I've ever heard. It's basically a free-pass someone gives themselves, so they're able to be mean to people. 

Thinking like this prevents them from improving themselves, it's just an easy way out for being a terrible person. People usually say it when they want to avoid any personal responsibility for acting out against their friends. 

In reality, if you're acting bad around other people, they should have the full right of not wanting to deal with you. If you're always seeing the bad side of your friends and they want you to just accept that, maybe it's time to look for other friends. 


Everything will be fine

I say it often but in a calming manner to whoever is in some sort of trouble. They are reassuring words that actually mean nothing.

How do I know that everything will be fine. I use them to calm a situation down and try come up with a solution at least. It by no means is a guarantee that the problem has been fixed or sorted.

There are probably loads more with a similar type of calming effect that we say to the ones we care about but this one I say fairly often. 


Every time someone says "No worries"...it sounds completely insincere and condescending. I would be happy if no one ever said that to me ever again.


"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

That's complete and utter bullshit. There are lots of things that won't kill you but will break you and make you sick and weak for good.


YOLO (You only live once)

BS because we don't know if that's true or not.


I'm companions with an attractive person who is unendingly single. On the off chance that he at any point asked me what he's fouling up, I would disclose to him the majority of this:

Requiring steady approval. It is debilitating for other people.

Gloating about yourself. Give other individuals a chance.

Speaking basically about yourself, particularly if your accounts as a rule include you as the saint and every other person taking in an exercise. (Or on the other hand if every one of your accounts are about you being wronged!)


“An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind”. If you pop a person's eye and you're the last human left with a good eye, why would you wait for the blind person to hit it? You could simply go elsewhere and avoid getting hit. 


Honesty is the best policy!

Over the years that saying continuously lost its original meaning. It used to be a subtle form of advice given to someone and/or a preventive warning about things that might have dire consequences. Like telling your friend that he/she has a B.O or advicing a friend about his/her romance because apparently people lose their sense of reason when they are in-love and that's when they needed "Honesty" the most.

However as what I've noticed lately, "Honesty is the best policy" is now being used as a sort of release for all the guilt and lies accumulated. People now use that saying to justify their wrong doings. It's like when you cheat with two women for months and then you feel that you are on the verge of getting caught and the guilt is finally catching up. It's like that! You are telling them not for their own good but for your own good. You want to look like the "victim" and you want to finally be free from all the guilt.  Or something like that. XD


People saying “literally” before each sentence annoys me! Our poor language, I’m figuratively about to hurl..