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What’s the shadiest thing you’ve seen someone do?

I have seen people do a lot of shady things and now thinking of the easiest, a story comes to mind. I once has a school mate back in my school days.bsge was what we call "rubs girl" in my country, A runs girl is a slang for ladies who sleep around with men most especially married men for money. Okay so it turned out that during one of her escapedes she got pregnant and in the process of terminating it, lost her womb. She was well aware of this.

After school, she pretended to be a born again and got a devoted pastor to marry her. Years and the baby won't come. They kept praying but she never told her husband why the baby isn't coming is because she had no womb instead she kept quoting scriptures from the holy book why they must not lose faith. Well, the evil that men do lives with them. Someday soon, the husband ran into her old friend who in the process of exchanging pleasantries found out what was happening and ended up telling the husband the truth.

It is indeed wickedness if you ask me.


There is this my class mate back in school that loves to feel among, she would do anything just for her to be notice, I felt probably attention is her thing. Then one day she lied her mum was sick so everyone would have pity on her and contribute for her because back then it was a thing we do for everyone in our class, as a show of support for anyone going through a difficult time only for us to find out latter that she lied and used to money to buy some wears. For me that was really shady as anyone finds it hard to trust her ever since then!

We should all learn to be content with what we have and even be proud of it been shady will only makes you loose yourself along the line.


Rig a primary election. 

Run a server for classified documents out of a closet in their spare bathroom.