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What’s the best sandwich you’ve ever had?

My favourite sandwich is one I often make myself and have eaten since I was a kid.

You take the crusts from the ends of a loaf of bread and butter them.  Then use a full packet of salt and vinegar crisps (chips),  slice up some pickled onions and some pickled beetroot and smother the whole thing with HP brown sauce, or use ketchup if you prefer.

Stick the other crust on top and squash it all down. 

Totally delicious, you have to try it :-)


I think it would be a sandwich I had in a gourmet bakery I went to two years ago. I invited a friend over and we had sandwiches together. The bread had been made with tasty spices and had oregano, and it was filled with a variety of tasty things: cheese, ham, pink sauce (ketchup and mayonnaise), egg and probably other things like tomato slices.

There was more to it that I can't remember due to how long ago it was, but it was indisputably one of the best sandwiches I ever had. I remember feeling in awe for the sandwich, because it was one of the tastiest things I'd eaten in the whole year.


Damn the best sandwich has to be from this little gaf close to where I used to live, they did this amazing meatball and marinara sauce sandwich that made subways food look like an amature had thought of it.

the sandwich is made by a nice 12" crusty bread that has been toasted and dipped in beef dripping, this gives it an amazing crunchy and salty beef taste, it is then topped with 4 of the most delicious meatballs that I have ever had, you can see the red onion in them. they then spoon marinara sauce over the top so it is flowing over the sides and sliced spicy montgomery jack cheese. this to me is the most perfect sandwich money can buy.

Just answering your question makes me want to drive the two hour journey to go and get one as they are just the bomb of sandwiches.

Sometimes when I am there I add a little smokey mayo to the sandwich to give it a creamier taste but this is only now and again.