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What’s the weirdest thing about modern life that people just accept as normal?

Slavery. People for too long have being blinded to the slavery they are born into.

While we do not walk around with a ball and chain we are still shackled to the need for finance. This need is there by design and will continue to increase its hold.  There are some trying to reverse this trend, there are others trying to start new trends to fight against this slavery of finance. 

We are born into this and it is what we see and learn from a very young age. We accept it then as the way life is, It is not the way life is, It is the way Human Society works. It does not have to works this way. It does cause it gives a select few control, the greater the control gained. The greater the slavery. 


Drinking Cow milk because.... most of the process go like this: they rape cows so they have a baby which is taken from her right after is born, sees with sadness how the baby is taken from her to go to his death. Then it's time to milk the cow as much as possible, then when the cow doesn't produce more milk, the process starts again with another rape... and that is how the life of a lot of cows is in this cruel world is.

And no, cow doesn't produce mil without being pregnant!  A lot of people think that.

A lot people accept this as normal, just because they still believe that humans should drink the milk of a cow to be healthier, what a lie!

Many people don't know how the process goes, but many have heard and know of, but they just accept it as normal.

Yes it's weird, but also horrible.



My answer to this is:

The use of smart phones. 

To me, it's more about the frequency of use. It seems to become a rather normal walk of life to just walk around with your face glued to a smart device screen. 

I don't think it became strange to me until one day I just realized how often people are on their devices, and then I thought back to a time when those devices didn't exist..

So hands down, smart phones. 


Using plastic products (bottles, bags, containers etc) when we know it destroys the planet and when we could find alternatives. It makes no sense.


No Competition Currency

As I scrolled through the questions for the very first time this was one that didn't have an answer and was the easiest for me to answer. It's weird that historically, the most tried and tested failure over and over again was paper currency. We have come to know the name best as fiat currency. And yes there is no competition...until now. Or is there?

So, then what is the difference between paper currency and crypto currency you might ask.

The difference there is centralization. The central governments of the world are desperate to control us. The most globally favorable control method is the money system. 

The money controlled by instant ledger tampering "Money out of thin air" is the debt based asset purchasing from one Entity to another sepaprate Entity. This is known in the modern era as Fractional Reserve Banking. Why is this weird? Because the modern central Banks loan out "your" deposited money and unless it is in a savings account there is no interest paid on your funds. The "Weird" thing is that the majority of the world don't have a clue that their money is an IOU. It is a note. Traded on an exchange between banks and to perspective governments as well.

The SDR 

Special Drawing Rights are the worlds fiat currency. This is a "Basket" of just a few world fiat currencies that governments borrow when their currency needs a little "Fluff". It is not what you nor I can have access to. This is a relatively "new" paper money that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) "legalized" at the Bretton-Woods meeting in the mid 1900's. The newest currency to be admitted is China's Yuan.

Stocks and Bonds and Forex are all based on Fiat currencies. This is the "Weird" money historically. More weird than shells, or tobacco or whiskey. These were all used as a trading method but were not Ledger based Thin air money. 


Coins were and are the most durable method of holding value ever invented. The Precious metal coin is considered Sound money. Interestinly enough that term came from ancient Rome when the soldiers would bounce a silver coin off of their sword to hear its "Ring" or "Sound".


Cryptocurrency is actually not new. Just the technology is new. Honest weights and measures are as old as civilization. So transparency is not new. Peer to Peer or P2P markets are not new. Exchanges are not new. 


As a method of tending to your money this was one of the major topics surrounding the implementation of the modern constitution in The USA. On one side was Hamilton who wan=ted the old centralized empirical way and Jefferson who was leading the charge on decentralized banks. The new Federal system of collecting taxes and depositing them were initally not held in a central bank. So it is not modern either.


Don't be fooled by the Funny Money Banks. Be a driver of P2P money. Get educated on real money to use for your personal use.  Competition fuels a Free Market system. Honest Weights and Measures cann never go out of style. 

Thanks for listening.